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(edit) @1545   13 years joerg insert Man pages/Copyright Info/Copright? Stubs to some of our perl Programs
(edit) @1544   13 years enxrah Sort out all the math to do arbitrarily orientated lat/lon grids
(edit) @1543   13 years nickburch Tweak UK area, and add France
(edit) @1542   13 years nickburch Support self-closing tags
(edit) @1541   13 years nickburch Planet.osm parser to excerpt based on tags
(edit) @1539   13 years nickburch A script to produce a mini planet.osm, only containing the data for a …
(edit) @1531   13 years ben adding counties for Andrew Turner and Russ Nelson
(edit) @1521   13 years steve fix planet.rb
(edit) @1519   13 years imi little-osm now uses mysql geometry extension
(edit) @1514   13 years imi added binary of utf8sanitizer for windows
(edit) @1502   13 years imi added mapfeatures.xml annotation preset by Steve Bromwich
(edit) @1501   13 years nick can specify minimum zoom levels for POI icons to appear
(edit) @1500   13 years steve do the same for ways and increment in hal-million steps
(edit) @1499   13 years steve add pages to nodes and segments so it doesnt run out of memory
(edit) @1498   13 years imi finished cleanup of josm language plugins
(edit) @1497   13 years imi added overall build.xml for josm language plugins
(edit) @1496   13 years imi cleanup of josm language plugin build.xml
(edit) @1495   13 years nick New waypoint import plugin for JOSM
(edit) @1488   13 years ojw Comments based on experiences of first person trying to install
(edit) @1487   13 years ojw Remove unused startat variable
(edit) @1486   13 years nickburch Simple, cron friendly script for reporting the number of recent edits …
(edit) @1484   13 years enxrah Add grid plugin
(edit) @1483   13 years ojw Upload coastline import script to SVN
(edit) @1482   13 years ojw Doesn't download osmarender if nothing to do sleeps for an hour if …
(edit) @1481   13 years nickburch Convert static-osmarender to using vips rather than ImageMagick? for …
(edit) @1480   13 years nickburch Update README
(edit) @1479   13 years nickburch Try to generate the tiles so they're all roughly the same size, …
(edit) @1477   13 years nick Landsat bug in latest JOSM fixed by disabling landsat option if no map …
(edit) @1476   13 years imi updated josm translation de and en_GB
(edit) @1475   13 years nickburch Handle slightly different behaviour of some versions of xsltproc and …
(edit) @1474   13 years nickburch For generating static tiles of osmarender output, and includes a …
(edit) @1471   13 years imi updated josm translation for romanian and french and fixed landsat to …
(edit) @1470   13 years imi fixed little-osm sql script to mysql
(edit) @1469   13 years imi fixed build scripts of josm language plugins
(edit) @1468   13 years imi changed little-osm to mysql
(edit) @1467   13 years imi added josm translation plugins and annotation-tester plugin
(edit) @1466   13 years joerg minor bugfixes
(edit) @1465   13 years joerg remove old version
(edit) @1464   13 years joerg add Licence
(edit) @1463   13 years joerg complete new quickhack
(edit) @1462   13 years joerg replace it
(edit) @1461   13 years joerg initial Version
(edit) @1460   13 years nickburch Add more leisure related things from Map Features
(edit) @1458   13 years nickburch Add initial railway=subway support
(edit) @1457   13 years nickburch Support railway=light_rail
(edit) @1456   13 years ben fix for Windows' crap time & date support
(edit) @1455   13 years ben more debugging tweaks
(edit) @1454   13 years ben re-enable the web wrapper
(edit) @1453   13 years ben fixes to work on Dutch's sample data
(edit) @1451   13 years ben tweaks for Dutch's file
(edit) @1450   13 years nickburch Ignore closing segment tags
(edit) @1449   13 years nickburch Report the error if we can't open the xml file. Try to make the …
(edit) @1443   13 years imi cleaned up mappaint and landsat plugin
(edit) @1439   13 years imi added josm plugin to get the great JGoodies Plastic look and feel.
(edit) @1438   13 years imi - applied patch from Robert (mappaint failing for incomplete ways as …
(edit) @1437   13 years imi pointed build files to the relative position of JOSM in the OSM …
(edit) @1436   13 years imi added JOSM-plugins mappaint and landsat from NickW
(edit) @1435   13 years ojw Fixed missing ; + added instructions for modifying the script, and …
(edit) @1434   13 years joerg add timing estimation for complete import
(edit) @1433   13 years joerg add esimatend number of tags to get better time estimations
(edit) @1432   13 years joerg add eval to have a more robust parsing
(edit) @1431   13 years joerg typo
(edit) @1430   13 years joerg adapt output to write more like josm does
(edit) @1429   13 years joerg add function adjust_bounding_box
(edit) @1428   13 years joerg more output for estimations
(edit) @1427   13 years joerg use getOptLong to parse commandline arguments
(edit) @1426   13 years joerg make DBNAME be configurable via ENV Variables
(edit) @1425   13 years imi removed wrongly added presets.pre
(edit) @1424   13 years etienne Etienne's Annotation presets for JOSM
(edit) @1423   13 years etienne
(edit) @1422   13 years ojw Display which map was created, at end
(edit) @1421   13 years ojw Version 2 of interface - sends width of requested picture Osmarender …
(edit) @1420   13 years nickburch bbox stuff fully supported in main, so …
(edit) @1419   13 years nickburch When doing bbox limiting (exclude/include), don't add ways (and their …
(edit) @1418   13 years ojw Program to download data, render it, and put an image up for public …
(edit) @1416   13 years ojw Facility to load OSM XML files into the working area (for rendering, …
(edit) @1415   13 years ojw Menu rearranging
(edit) @1414   13 years ojw Just testing svn on this machine…
(edit) @1413   13 years etienne Implements waysegment pseudo-element to enable segments that are part …
(edit) @1409   13 years ojw GUI improvements
(edit) @1408   13 years ojw Basic support for projects
(edit) @1407   13 years ojw Help menu
(edit) @1406   13 years ojw Remove XML dependancy for now
(edit) @1405   13 years ojw Comments at top of source file
(edit) @1404   13 years ojw Finally almost working
(edit) @1403   13 years ojw bit more…
(edit) @1402   13 years ojw
(edit) @1401   13 years ojw GUI for renderers
(edit) @1400   13 years joerg osm sanitizer to use with josm. Simple first testing Version. Can add …
(edit) @1399   13 years etienne Osmarender 3.0 Fix bug with non-contiguous segments in an area Ignore …
(edit) @1394   13 years joerg adapt part of the estimated number of tags skip tags which are of no …
(edit) @1393   13 years ben speed up the import a bit
(edit) @1392   13 years joerg print more verbose output if the conversion takes longer
(edit) @1391   13 years joerg use %s instead of tab for formating
(edit) @1390   13 years joerg add lat/lon support for area filtering
(edit) @1388   13 years nickburch Support reading from standard input
(edit) @1387   13 years nickburch Add pgsql indexes for segment and way tags
(edit) @1383   13 years joerg rename File
(edit) @1382   13 years joerg read poi data too but for now only display the unknown icon for every …
(edit) @1381   13 years joerg more debug output while combining ways also accept planet-xxxxxx-a.osm …
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