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(edit) @2023   13 years artem added +over parameter to SRS definitions. vmap0 boundaries should …
(edit) @2022   13 years jonb Update plugin description to match code which expects elemstyles.xml …
(edit) @2021   13 years artem use 'cemetery' as per
(edit) @2019   13 years joerg correct name for newzealand
(edit) @2018   13 years joerg mapnik: improve and resort install.txt to make installing mapnik …
(edit) @2017   13 years dirkl Added workaround for api limitation (can't handle 180 deg / -180 deg …
(edit) @2016   13 years dirkl Added README, tweaked progress info.
(edit) @2015   13 years joerg print renderinfo in one line Adapt default areas
(edit) @2014   13 years joerg update download for shoreline
(edit) @2013   13 years joerg rename pdf-atlas binary
(edit) @2012   13 years joerg rename pdf-atlas
(edit) @2011   13 years joerg pdf-atlas: activate shorelinedata again, correct NewZealand? config
(edit) @2010   13 years dirkl fixed typo
(edit) @2009   13 years dirkl Added progress information
(edit) @2008   13 years dirkl added small README
(edit) @2007   13 years frederik new version build on ImageMagick? (perlmagick), creates better level-7 …
(edit) @2006   13 years frederik old gdlib version is now deprecated, use new version with imagemagick
(edit) @2005   13 years dirkl fixed typo "telehone" -> "telephone"
(edit) @2004   13 years joerg osm-pdf-atlas: add Copyright notice on every page
(edit) @2003   13 years joerg sm-pdf-atlas: tweak regian a little bit more add 2 more regions
(edit) @2002   13 years ojw re-add view of current way attributes + remove debug printout
(edit) @2001   13 years ojw this script just got worse…
(edit) @2000   13 years joerg mapnik: change vmap0 directory to point to svn change default db-name …
(edit) @1999   13 years ojw add another html file, so you can stop meta-refresh
(edit) @1998   13 years ojw add perl interpreter + unix newlines + clear screen
(edit) @1996   13 years jochen bugfix: segments which are not on ways are rendered now
(edit) @1995   13 years ojw horrible little perl program, first draft
(edit) @1993   13 years artem added new vmap0 boundaries
(edit) @1992   13 years jochen bugfix: when all metadata output is suppresed the empty white box at …
(edit) @1991   13 years jochen Added test for untagged unconnected nodes
(edit) @1990   13 years jochen version 4.1 tunnels are now rendered properly
(edit) @1988   13 years frederik example config
(edit) @1987   13 years frederik bugfix for way parsing, slightly more detailed output
(edit) @1986   13 years joerg osm-pdf-atlas: add some more links to html pages narrow some region …
(edit) @1985   13 years dirkl added railway=tram
(edit) @1984   13 years frederik new script to check currency of l-7 tiles against existing l-12 tiles
(edit) @1983   13 years dirkl Added lowzoom-magic-pl by Frederik Ramm <frederik@…>, see dev …
(edit) @1982   13 years joerg move all directories under one username /home/mapnik/…
(edit) @1981   13 years joerg external link to mapnik at berlios
(edit) @1980   13 years frederik Add new config option UseHostnameInZipname?; if set, zip filenames will …
(edit) @1979   13 years joerg more dependencies for autmagic update of html
(edit) @1978   13 years joerg osm-pdf-atlas had wrong dependency in conditional website update
(edit) @1977   13 years joerg correct small type in osm-pdf-atlas/
(edit) @1976   13 years ojw New stats module
(edit) @1975   13 years joerg correct filename
(edit) @1974   13 years joerg honor Data option so always the right dataset(*.csv) can be used make …
(edit) @1973   13 years joerg remove syntax error, make debug output more compact
(edit) @1972   13 years joerg rename configs to the same names as the area has
(edit) @1971   13 years joerg remove values, which have a default. This makes the default config …
(edit) @1970   13 years joerg add more area definitions, do more areas as default, printout what we …
(edit) @1969   13 years joerg adjust debug levels adjust estmation values to current planet.osm new …
(edit) @1968   13 years joerg add more area definitions
(edit) @1967   13 years joerg tag shell schript executable
(edit) @1966   13 years joerg adjust debug levels
(edit) @1965   13 years joerg shorten and adapt installation.txt for mapnik
(edit) @1963   13 years joerg osm-pdf-atlas: add propper help, add creation date on first page
(edit) @1962   13 years joerg iosm2csv: lower memory footprint alittle bit more. for low mem …
(edit) @1961   13 years jochen Changed to use /bin/bash instead of /bin/sh
(edit) @1960   13 years jochen Changed to use /bin/bash instead of /bin/sh
(edit) @1959   13 years jochen Fixed osmarender call to use OSMARENDER env var
(edit) @1958   13 years joerg add more checks to osm-pdf-atlas create script
(edit) @1957   13 years joerg got a warning if the pdf was not created and we try …
(edit) @1956   13 years frederik readme
(edit) @1955   13 years frederik initial release.
(edit) @1954   13 years jochen changed to use /bin/bash instead of /bin/sh (this fixes bug on newer …
(edit) @1952   13 years jochen Added build target to all target
(edit) @1951   13 years joerg osm-pdf-atlas got new options: force-update no-png no-html
(edit) @1950   13 years jochen that wasn't needed
(edit) @1949   13 years jochen New Maplint stuff
(edit) @1948   13 years jochen New rule file for use with maplint
(edit) @1947   13 years frederik initial version
(edit) @1946   13 years frederik Initial version of currency checks against planet.osm
(edit) @1945   13 years nick fmapgen: the Freemap Mapnik tile generator
(edit) @1944   13 years nick update to wayclean to match libosm updates
(edit) @1943   13 years nick update to osm2shp to match libosm updates
(edit) @1939   13 years joerg lower memory footprint of osm2csv by writing Nodes immediately and …
(edit) @1938   13 years joerg reall makefile with dependency for UTF8Sanitizer
(edit) @1936   13 years artem swaped stroke colours for trunk and primary.
(edit) @1935   13 years dirkl Zip should work now (hack necessary)
(edit) @1934   13 years ojw Package - can't get ZIP to include the directories properly, leaving …
(edit) @1933   13 years dirkl Added water and coastline naturals
(edit) @1932   13 years ojw run - look for input files instead of guessing their name
(edit) @1931   13 years ojw
(edit) @1930   13 years ojw Package KML files into KMZ zipped files (with icons etc.)
(edit) @1929   13 years ojw Tool for creating a KML file for every city in the world
(edit) @1928   13 years dirkl make the shopping trolley larger for better visibility
(edit) @1927   13 years dirkl new icon for shopping (better visibility) thanks to Ben Robbins
(edit) @1926   13 years dirkl Added places of worship: christian and jewish (need icons though)
(edit) @1925   13 years dirkl Added Icon for shopping (needs refinement)
(edit) @1923   13 years jochen new osm-length util
(edit) @1918   13 years steve up the max seg ids
(edit) @1916   13 years jochen fixed bug where text on segments wasn't shown
(edit) @1914   13 years dirkl Add icon for shopping
(edit) @1913   13 years dirkl organized the settlements in subfolders
(edit) @1912   13 years jochen Added fix.xsl Use ref as label if there is no "name" key
(edit) @1911   13 years jochen - Added rendering for railway=halt
(edit) @1910   13 years ojw stats thingy
(edit) @1905   13 years jochen Added railway bridge
(edit) @1898   13 years dirkl fixed error with railway
(edit) @1897   13 years dirkl Fixed icon locations
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