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(edit) @2128   13 years dirkl upload zips (if timestamp first in filename) oldest first.
(edit) @2127   13 years jochen - added some symbols and tweaked text positions next to symbols
(edit) @2126   13 years jochen Removed @dy attribute from text element in src/draw.xsl and added it …
(edit) @2125   13 years enxrah srtm2osm a little utility to create contour lines in OSM format
(edit) @2124   13 years etienne Tidy up rules file. Various minor tweaks.
(edit) @2123   13 years joerg ipdf-atlas: correct names, display scale with a :
(edit) @2122   13 years joerg osm2csv shouldn't mirror planet files if you only ask for available areas
(edit) @2121   13 years frederik initial commit to SVN
(edit) @2120   13 years frederik patch from R. Jacquot <sxpert@…> to avoid sleep when there …
(edit) @2118   13 years jochen omewhat simplified SVG code for text along path.
(edit) @2117   13 years jochen - New way of generating symbol catalogue - New way of including …
(edit) @2116   13 years jochen Changed to be proper svg files
(edit) @2115   13 years jochen changed symbol scaling code to be simpler and also work with transform …
(edit) @2114   13 years joerg add config for turkey to pdf-atlas
(edit) @2113   13 years jochen Changed the symbol handling. There is now a new subdirectory "symbols" …
(edit) @2112   13 years joerg insert trukey to
(edit) @2111   13 years jochen removed debugging output
(edit) @2110   13 years jochen added doc file
(edit) @2109   13 years jochen Added some tags
(edit) @2108   13 years jochen Note that this is an old version and people should use osmarender4
(edit) @2107   13 years dirkl removed white corners
(edit) @2106   13 years etienne 1) abutters = all abutters are rendered in grey at level 12 2) …
(edit) @2105   13 years dirkl added some waterways
(edit) @2104   13 years jonb osm2pgsql polygons for closed ways only
(edit) @2103   13 years etienne 1) There was no rendering of retail|industrial|commercial|mixed …
(edit) @2102   13 years dirkl Added "version" command line option
(edit) @2101   13 years dirkl sending version/username on job request
(edit) @2100   13 years dirkl Adding versioning information for server
(edit) @2099   13 years jonb osm2pgql filter duplicate segments in ways
(edit) @2096   13 years nick srtm2shp added
(edit) @2095   13 years etienne Remove duplicate segmentMoveToStart template
(edit) @2094   13 years etienne Further fix for rendering artifact with areas containing holes, …
(edit) @2093   13 years frederik switch to osmarender 4
(edit) @2089   13 years ojw revert: that only knows the version of, which isn't interesting
(edit) @2088   13 years ojw send version
(edit) @2087   13 years dirkl propset for actual revision
(edit) @2086   13 years dirkl added revision info to
(edit) @2085   13 years dirkl readconfig from, using auth.conf
(edit) @2084   13 years dirkl typo RequestUrl? RequestURL, backport to
(edit) @2083   13 years dirkl moved UploadChunkSize? and UploadChunkCount? to local config.
(edit) @2082   13 years dirkl split up the config so the auth and local settings are not overwritten …
(edit) @2081   13 years ojw version number, finally working
(edit) @2080   13 years ojw
(edit) @2079   13 years ojw testing keywords
(edit) @2078   13 years ojw testing keywords
(edit) @2077   13 years ojw version number
(edit) @2076   13 years dirkl typo furure->future
(edit) @2075   13 years dirkl added "motorway under construction"
(edit) @2074   13 years joerg add fonts to apt-get commands
(edit) @2073   13 years etienne Further fix for rendering artifact with areas containing holes, …
(edit) @2072   13 years etienne Further fix for rendering artifact with areas containing holes, …
(edit) @2071   13 years etienne Further fix for rendering artifact with areas containing holes, …
(edit) @2070   13 years dirkl revert to truecolor (libGD palette selection is kaput)
(edit) @2069   13 years dirkl reduce the trueColor tiles to optimized 256 colour palette to reduce …
(edit) @2068   13 years dirkl fixed issue in where it would upload many mini-zips if run …
(edit) @2067   13 years jochen Changed width/height/viewBox of master <svg/> to do the right thing in …
(edit) @2066   13 years jochen Added
(edit) @2065   13 years jochen font change here also
(edit) @2064   13 years jochen Changed font to free font "DejaVu? Sans" with fallback to sans-serif
(edit) @2063   13 years jochen Added rendering of Aerialway
(edit) @2062   13 years jochen Standardised indents in all files (Joto) Fixed long standing bug where …
(edit) @2061   13 years dirkl added patch by mcn to loop until all tiles are up or an …
(edit) @2060   13 years jochen Also needs new svgBaseProfile attribute
(edit) @2059   13 years jochen New svgBaseProfile attribute on <rules/> element allows setting to …
(edit) @2058   13 years dirkl Applied the white bar fix to as well.
(edit) @2057   13 years jochen Changed "meta" to "marginalia" in many places better describing what it is.
(edit) @2056   13 years jochen added support for rendering untagged segments
(edit) @2055   13 years jochen Added option withUntaggedSegments="yes" to rule file. If this is set …
(edit) @2054   13 years dirkl fix borders
(edit) @2053   13 years dirkl fixed several small bugs.
(edit) @2052   13 years dirkl Switch GD to TrueColor? (should fix coloring issues)
(edit) @2051   13 years dirkl updated makefile for new icons
(edit) @2050   13 years dirkl modified the icon for better visibility
(edit) @2049   13 years dirkl added icon for hostel
(edit) @2048   13 years jochen added rendering for natural=wood|forest
(edit) @2047   13 years dirkl new config option: UploadChunkCount?=683 # default: half a tileset …
(edit) @2046   13 years frederik new script to extract data within germany from planet.osm
(edit) @2045   13 years dirkl applied the same fix (no exit on loop) to tilesGen_noGD
(edit) @2044   13 years dirkl make "loop" parameter more robust
(edit) @2043   13 years jochen bugfix from 80n for areas with holes
(edit) @2041   13 years etienne Correct small rendering artifact with areas that contain holes (eg …
(edit) @2040   13 years etienne Correct small rendering artifact with areas that contain holes (eg …
(edit) @2039   13 years joerg take one of the old planet Files if we cannot download a new one
(edit) @2038   13 years dirkl added myself to credits
(edit) @2037   13 years dirkl fixed typo in progress calculation for empty lvl 12 tiles (showed >4000%)
(edit) @2036   13 years dirkl removed debugging stuff
(edit) @2035   13 years dirkl re-added original as for people who don't …
(edit) @2034   13 years dirkl Fixed rendering and progress info
(edit) @2033   13 years dirkl revert (uploaded a non-working version)
(edit) @2032   13 years dirkl optimized rendering. (broke progress percentage).
(edit) @2030   13 years jonb Fix path to VMAP0 data: …
(edit) @2026   13 years jochen fixed bug: natural=water etc. is shown again
(edit) @2025   13 years dirkl added seconds to filename
(edit) @2024   13 years artem 1.added +over to water_poly layer 2.adjested min/max scale …
(edit) @2023   13 years artem added +over parameter to SRS definitions. vmap0 boundaries should …
(edit) @2022   13 years jonb Update plugin description to match code which expects elemstyles.xml …
(edit) @2021   13 years artem use 'cemetery' as per
(edit) @2019   13 years joerg correct name for newzealand
(edit) @2018   13 years joerg mapnik: improve and resort install.txt to make installing mapnik …
(edit) @2017   13 years dirkl Added workaround for api limitation (can't handle 180 deg / -180 deg …
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