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(edit) @2265   13 years deelkar Make empty.png white (in case one of them slips through on the server)
(edit) @2264   13 years frederik New plugin by Francisco R. Santos <frsantos@…>
(edit) @2263   13 years frederik applied patch by Francisco R. Sanots <frsantos@…> to allow …
(edit) @2262   13 years artem added secondary and secondary_trunk to planet_osm_roads table
(edit) @2261   13 years artem added parking symbols to parking polygons
(edit) @2260   13 years artem fixed secondary roads casing at zoom level 11
(edit) @2259   13 years artem removed unused images
(edit) @2257   13 years artem moved drop table out of transaction + clean up layer values
(edit) @2256   13 years artem added script to init z_order column
(edit) @2255   13 years artem added new symbols
(edit) @2254   13 years artem new osm.xml requires new osm2pgsql
(edit) @2253   13 years artem wropping geos stuff in try/catch
(edit) @2252   13 years artem latest osm2pgsql generates one table per geometry type
(edit) @2251   13 years frederik added comment to warn against using simplification if your polygon is …
(edit) @2249   13 years jonb Direct database version of osm2pgsql
(edit) @2248   13 years jonb Clone osm2pgsql files to experimental directory
(edit) @2247   13 years enxrah roll back
(edit) @2246   13 years enxrah add experimental text fitting and bezierifying perl script
(edit) @2243   13 years artem use geos-config to setup compile flags
(edit) @2242   13 years jonb Remove duplicate suppression code since this provides little benefit …
(edit) @2241   13 years deelkar New version (Cambridge) of tilesAtHome client, now empty tile …
(edit) @2240   13 years deelkar Minor comments changes
(edit) @2239   13 years deelkar Re-introduced optimization to skip rendering of subtiles when empty …
(edit) @2238   13 years deelkar Added empty tile detection: Empty tiles are no longer saved to disk, …
(edit) @2237   13 years deelkar $stdout of course
(edit) @2236   13 years deelkar Save stdout from inkscape when error occurs.
(edit) @2234   13 years deelkar Render Streetnames along bezier paths (Bugfix by .baz)
(edit) @2232   13 years dotbaz Bugfix - text path not following bezier path of street reported by …
(edit) @2231   13 years deelkar Added hint that upload password needs to be obtained from Ojw plus …
(edit) @2230   13 years etienne Fine tuning of street names as z16, switched red/green at z17 and some …
(edit) @2219   13 years deelkar updating with the current version from osmarender4
(edit) @2218   13 years deelkar ported fix by .Baz from osm@home to tiles@home
(edit) @2217   13 years dotbaz Wierd bezier bug reported on dev …
(edit) @2216   13 years ojw Bugfixes - tiles-within-image calculations should be done on the size …
(edit) @2215   13 years ojw Allow map sizes to be specified in kilometres of east-west distance …
(edit) @2214   13 years deelkar - make tilesGen stop rendering when inkscape fails (continue to next …
(edit) @2213   13 years ojw Config option for DPI + comments on input-handlers
(edit) @2212   13 years ojw Fix grid size (how many images are considered for inclusion in the result)
(edit) @2211   13 years ojw Add London map as example
(edit) @2210   13 years ojw Sequential filenames for downloaded data
(edit) @2209   13 years ojw Reduce verbosity
(edit) @2208   13 years ojw Reduce verbosity
(edit) @2207   13 years ojw Configuration example for map images
(edit) @2206   13 years ojw Add basic support for map images
(edit) @2205   13 years ojw temporary directory for downloading files into
(edit) @2204   13 years ojw Added configuration for page-layout of images, added …
(edit) @2203   13 years ojw Some images that can be combined with the atlas (title pages etc.)
(edit) @2202   13 years ojw Configuration for an atlas program
(edit) @2201   13 years ojw image to pdf
(edit) @2200   13 years jdschmidt Added config option to disable beziercurvehinting
(edit) @2199   13 years ojw First draft of a program that downloads map images comprising multiple …
(edit) @2198   13 years ojw Sleep if nothing to do, in default mode
(edit) @2196   13 years jdschmidt Added beziercurvehinting
(edit) @2195   13 years frederik Added a configuration option "Zip" where you can put the name of your …
(edit) @2194   13 years jdschmidt updated with Osmarender4 and beziercurvehinting
(edit) @2193   13 years jdschmidt updated with Osmarender4 and beziercurvehinting
(edit) @2192   13 years deelkar Added UTF-8 Check. should work without explicit "use utf8"
(edit) @2191   13 years etienne Optimisation of zoom levels 15 and 16. Also some clean up and minor …
(edit) @2190   13 years dotbaz Fixed 0.0.0 vec error reported by J.D. Schmidt (with ideal test case). …
(edit) @2189   13 years nickburch Add "where are they" stuff …
(edit) @2188   13 years dotbaz Major update. Changes include: 1. Allowing it to handle smooth joins …
(edit) @2187   13 years frederik Reworked all "print" statements. They now all go to STDERR, without …
(edit) @2185   13 years jochen added religion and denomination
(edit) @2184   13 years nick handling of larger bounding boxes
(edit) @2182   13 years deelkar removed accidental inclusion of merge conflict in final file
(edit) @2181   13 years deelkar moved to to avoid issues with Windows confusing …
(edit) @2180   13 years artem we cannot use anythig appart from 'text' data type
(edit) @2179   13 years artem added 'bridge','building' and 'layer' tags
(edit) @2178   13 years artem applied geos-2.2.3.patch (slightly modified) from jonb
(edit) @2177   13 years frederik Fixed some consistency issues and a lot of perl -cw warnings. …
(edit) @2175   13 years ojw Script to test connectivity to a set of HTTP servers, and put the …
(edit) @2174   13 years jochen little bug fix
(edit) @2173   13 years joerg change mapnik url
(edit) @2172   13 years etienne Apply road centering attribute to zoom 15 and make abbutters round.
(edit) @2171   13 years etienne Apply road centering attribute to zoom 15 and make abbutters round.
(edit) @2170   13 years etienne Apply road centering attribute to zoom 15 and make abbutters round.
(edit) @2169   13 years matthewnc tilesAtHome upload - modify while statement to hopefully not leave …
(edit) @2168   13 years deelkar changed version name (minor) for new osmarender rules.
(edit) @2167   13 years matthewnc tilesAtHome - add railway=preserved for zooms 15-17
(edit) @2166   13 years etienne Remove hard coded r=1 in circles. Was preventing the size of the …
(edit) @2165   13 years etienne Remove hard coded r=1 in circles. Was preventing the size of the …
(edit) @2164   13 years matthewnc update tilesAtHome zoom levels 13 and 14 to add railway=preserved
(edit) @2163   13 years etienne Fix radius problem with drawing circles
(edit) @2162   13 years etienne Couple of minor fixes
(edit) @2161   13 years etienne First cut at an optimised rules file for zoom level 14
(edit) @2160   13 years artem cluster planet on spatial index for extra speed
(edit) @2159   13 years jonb Fix empty segment logic
(edit) @2158   13 years artem use geos to create geometries
(edit) @2157   13 years deelkar added some information and structure to README
(edit) @2154   13 years joerg iAreas: add South Africa
(edit) @2153   13 years jonb Make mapnik & osm2pgsql use NULL instead of empty strings in db
(edit) @2152   13 years artem Added myself in place of unknown author
(edit) @2151   13 years joerg make memory debugging more verbose
(edit) @2150   13 years joerg add bavaria to areas
(edit) @2146   13 years dirkl Fixed progress percentage.
(edit) @2145   13 years nick added Artem's code for merging contour lines
(edit) @2144   13 years frederik superseded by wms plugin
(edit) @2143   13 years jochen - fixed devide by zero errors - check to remove zero length ways and a …
(edit) @2142   13 years jochen added rendering of areas with amenity=school|university|college
(edit) @2140   13 years jochen new catalogue files
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