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(edit) @2517   13 years frederik added "not in use" remark to readme file
(edit) @2515   13 years jochen moved to export dir and added README
(edit) @2513   13 years deelkar finalizing the move to /applications/rendering/tilesAtHome
(edit) @2511   13 years jochen Move mapnik stuff to applications/rendering
(edit) @2503   13 years deelkar test move
(edit) @2501   13 years deelkar remove undefined vars
(edit) @2499   13 years jochen moved lots of stuff into import dir
(edit) @2498   13 years jochen Movev lots of stuff into export directory
(edit) @2497   13 years jochen changed importers dir to "import" and created new "export" dir
(edit) @2495   13 years frederik just tewsting
(edit) @2494   13 years frederik just testing something
(edit) @2493   13 years jochen moved osmps and pdf-atlas into new location application/rendering
(edit) @2492   13 years deelkar change handling of messages until I can get the stuff really working
(edit) @2489   13 years steve readmes and move some sites
(edit) @2488   13 years deelkar fixed typo in
(edit) @2487   13 years jochen moved stuff to new rendering directory
(edit) @2486   13 years jochen moved osmarender4 stuff to new rendering dir
(edit) @2477   13 years deelkar move messages to
(edit) @2472   13 years deelkar Move message output subs to perl module.
(edit) @2467   13 years jdschmidt Move pngcrushing. No need to crush empty tiles. 10 % speed increase on …
(edit) @2466   13 years jdschmidt sxpert update of adding layers support part deux
(edit) @2465   13 years jdschmidt sxpert update of adding layers support
(edit) @2464   13 years deelkar make pngcrush failure non-critical
(edit) @2463   13 years jdschmidt Integrated pngcrush in
(edit) @2462   13 years jdschmidt Integrated pngcrush in
(edit) @2461   13 years frederik maplint tiles now also generated for layer 17 (before only up to 16)
(edit) @2460   13 years frederik changed drawing order to notice/warning/error as per latest maplint …
(edit) @2459   13 years jochen - Reordered drawing of notices, warnings and errors, so that more …
(edit) @2458   13 years jochen - change in test
(edit) @2456   13 years enxrah Fix random exit when db down
(edit) @2455   13 years deelkar return instead of exit
(edit) @2454   13 years deelkar exit if nothing to do
(edit) @2453   13 years frsantos
(edit) @2452   13 years frsantos Initial import.
(edit) @2449   13 years deelkar forgot "my " *sigh* sorry for not testing these small changes.
(edit) @2448   13 years deelkar tried division by zero
(edit) @2447   13 years deelkar missing ";"
(edit) @2446   13 years deelkar Add percentages to
(edit) @2432   13 years frederik fix to allow maxspeed,foot,bicycle,motorcycle,access,horse tags on ways
(edit) @2431   13 years frederik fixes
(edit) @2410   13 years frederik rebuilt according to lastest maplint rules
(edit) @2409   13 years frederik added some tags
(edit) @2408   13 years deelkar reset progressPercent as well…
(edit) @2407   13 years deelkar fix percentage display on and for multilayer.
(edit) @2406   13 years jonb planetdiff & planetpatch tool - Allows incremental planet.osm updates …
(edit) @2398   13 years imi fixed the detection of an existing "View" - menu
(edit) @2397   13 years imi JOSM nearclick plugin added (for tablet pens)
(edit) @2396   13 years deelkar make maplint reach 100%
(edit) @2395   13 years frederik forgot to commit new version of that will upload tiles …
(edit) @2388   13 years frederik Multi-layer support. Layers controlled by layers.conf (currently …
(edit) @2385   13 years frederik removed debug output
(edit) @2384   13 years enxrah add .highway-footway-name style to z16
(edit) @2383   13 years frederik some cosmetic changes (display current idle time) and enabling re-exec …
(edit) @2375   13 years frederik Added two new convenience features: (a) will now keep …
(edit) @2374   13 years enxrah add names to footways at 16 and 17
(edit) @2373   13 years enxrah add names to footways
(edit) @2370   13 years frederik proper error message if no file name given on stdin.
(edit) @2369   13 years frederik modified version without SAX, runs 50x faster but will break if input …
(edit) @2364   13 years joerg add more dependencies
(edit) @2361   13 years jochen Reverted fix from 80n in draw.xsl as it breaks symbol rendering
(edit) @2360   13 years ksharp Added polygon for Austria submitted by Christof Dallermassl …
(edit) @2357   13 years frederik reduced max. segment count from 800 to 400 to avoid t@h renderer problems
(edit) @2356   13 years danmoore - planet.osm to .csv, now - extracts tags, timestamps and …
(edit) @2349   13 years frsantos Plugin not allowed at present
(edit) @2341   13 years deelkar semicolon went missing
(edit) @2340   13 years deelkar prepare to be able to tell the server if something goes wrong
(edit) @2339   13 years frederik initial version
(edit) @2338   13 years jochen Added many more features to map
(edit) @2337   13 years deelkar Stop rendering when frollo fails, because current osmarender is …
(edit) @2336   13 years jochen - added blue lakes - added grey parks and forests
(edit) @2335   13 years jochen Fixed this test. It didn't report all cases.
(edit) @2334   13 years jonb osm2pgsql exp: Make sure all polygon table contains only polygons
(edit) @2333   13 years deelkar fix regression: frollo didn't clean up properly after running again.
(edit) @2332   13 years jonb Automatic GEOS2/3 detection
(edit) @2331   13 years jonb Add info on requirements and building
(edit) @2330   13 years jonb Automatic GEOS version detection
(edit) @2323   13 years jonb Switch to printf(%.15g) to give more precision on generated points
(edit) @2322   13 years matthewnc utils/osmps PostScript? Renderer draw white background around text …
(edit) @2321   13 years deelkar added code by Robert Hart to handle Frollo failures more gracefully.
(edit) @2320   13 years jonb Replace asprintf. Increase max IDs by 10% to give room for future growth
(edit) @2318   13 years deelkar make frollo clean up after itself and set return status
(edit) @2317   13 years nickb osm api test
(edit) @2316   13 years ksharp Fixing accidental change to Makefile
(edit) @2315   13 years ksharp Fixing accidental change to
(edit) @2314   13 years ksharp Added the polygons directory containing the script, …
(edit) @2313   13 years nickb OSMAPITEST - test the OSM API
(edit) @2312   13 years enxrah add commments about the purpose of osm-svg-beautifier
(edit) @2311   13 years nickburch Bug fix for perl not supporting -0, which meant that lat 0.xS and lon …
(edit) @2310   13 years jonb Add GEOS_TWO from non-experimental version
(edit) @2309   13 years jonb Split implementation into middle and output layers. Choice of RAM or …
(edit) @2308   13 years matthewnc osmps PostScript? renderer: add PostScript? code to the output so that …
(edit) @2307   13 years matthewnc osmps PostScript? renderer updates: add primary_link, secondary_link …
(edit) @2302   13 years matthewnc Added utils/osmps - OSMPS is a PostScript? renderer for OpenStreetMap.
(edit) @2301   13 years etienne Icon size was too big
(edit) @2300   13 years etienne All buildings are now terracotta-ish.
(edit) @2299   13 years etienne Some airport changes and added symbolScale attribute.
(edit) @2298   13 years etienne Some airport changes and added symbolScale attribute.
(edit) @2297   13 years etienne Incorporate Frollo pre-processor
(edit) @2296   13 years etienne Fix bug with symbols in when processed with xmlstarlet
(edit) @2295   13 years etienne Fix bug with symbols in when processed with xmlstarlet
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