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(edit) @2480   12 years steve move more sites
(edit) @2479   12 years steve moves sites around
(edit) @2471   12 years ojw Simplify links - by removing some pages which don't contain useful …
(edit) @2470   12 years ojw Remove debug logging for queue-clearing
(edit) @2469   12 years ojw Remove upload log - now handled by credits page and tile meta-info
(edit) @2468   12 years ojw New version
(edit) @2439   12 years ojw SQL query in /Requests/ forgot to ask for the "status" field, which it …
(edit) @2425   12 years ojw Use the correct image layer when showing each tile
(edit) @2424   12 years ojw Add function to say which of the /x.php/ pages should be used for each …
(edit) @2423   12 years ojw Do SQL query even if debug is turned on, is probably expected behaviour
(edit) @2422   12 years ojw Remove temporary stats page used as part of the Blank Tile problem?
(edit) @2416   12 years ojw m: comments
(edit) @2415   12 years ojw Program to re-request anything that still hasn't been rendered x hours …
(edit) @2402   12 years ojw Program to monitor the size of the requests queue
(edit) @2401   12 years ojw Add Essen to versions list
(edit) @2400   12 years ojw Re-enable 404 images
(edit) @2399   12 years ojw Removed "fallback to PHP script"
(edit) @2394   12 years ojw Use new library functions to move requests between queue + field name …
(edit) @2393   12 years ojw Update request viewer for changes in the requests database - field …
(edit) @2392   12 years ojw Use constants for the request status Changed field name in requests db …
(edit) @2391   12 years ojw Move requests from "active" to "done" when they're uploaded
(edit) @2390   12 years ojw Explicitly set the initial status of a request
(edit) @2389   12 years ojw Library for moving requests from one queue to another
(edit) @2387   12 years ojw Meta-info for multiple tile layers
(edit) @2386   12 years ojw Access to maplint tiles
(edit) @2382   12 years ojw Add maplint
(edit) @2381   12 years ojw Remove obsolete layers + add cycle layer, to test new multilayer system
(edit) @2380   12 years ojw Allow uploading of tiles in different layers
(edit) @2379   12 years ojw rewrite rules for viewing different tile layers
(edit) @2378   12 years ojw library for working with layer names
(edit) @2377   12 years ojw Add support for tilenames in various layers
(edit) @2376   12 years ojw Add link to map centred on each tile
(edit) @2372   12 years ojw Thousands separator for large numbers
(edit) @2371   12 years ojw Generate an email to send when a new username is created
(edit) @2363   12 years ojw Add link to stats page
(edit) @2362   12 years ojw Updated fields in stats file + link to access logs
(edit) @2350   12 years ojw Export only fields with data in + use unix timestamp instead of ISO date
(edit) @2347   12 years ojw Remove "exists.php", this API handled by details.php
(edit) @2346   12 years ojw Tile _details API
(edit) @2345   12 years ojw _details and _exists APIs are both served by the same script
(edit) @2344   12 years ojw Function to lookup username from user ID
(edit) @2343   12 years ojw Daily stats generator, for new-style database tables
(edit) @2303   12 years ojw Dublin
(edit) @2279   12 years ojw fix deny from all
(edit) @2278   12 years ojw no dir listing here
(edit) @2277   12 years ojw keep svn and backup files out of public view
(edit) @2276   12 years ojw Remove silly amounts of logging + add TODO for the "delete file" …
(edit) @2274   12 years ojw remove temp directory
(edit) @2273   12 years ojw rm temp file
(edit) @2272   12 years ojw tiles at home website
(edit) @2271   12 years ojw create dir
(edit) @2270   12 years ojw Cleanup - will redo this directory
(edit) @2235   12 years ojw Save statistics related to each username (upload count, time last …
(edit) @2233   12 years ojw Store meta-information (who uploaded each tile) to database
(edit) @2229   12 years ojw Logs from textfile not SQL
(edit) @2228   12 years ojw Charcoal-grey frontpage design
(edit) @2227   12 years ojw Graphics for new frontpage design
(edit) @2226   12 years ojw Image for database unavailable
(edit) @2225   12 years ojw The old tile.php script - renamed, and only used when the mod-rewrite …
(edit) @2224   12 years ojw Stubs for the _details and _exists API handlers
(edit) @2223   12 years ojw mod-rewrite rules
(edit) @2222   12 years ojw Functions for dealing with tilenames on the new fs
(edit) @2221   12 years ojw Logfile to disk not SQL
(edit) @2220   12 years ojw Upload script modified for filesystem
(edit) @1989   13 years ojw Database design
(edit) @1953   13 years ojw tiles@home website
(edit) @1815   13 years ojw Tiles statistics page
(edit) @1812   13 years ojw Request server for tiles@home
(edit) @1811   13 years ojw Utility for copying files from bandnet server
(edit) @1810   13 years ojw Map browser
(edit) @1809   13 years ojw Tileserver
(edit) @1808   13 years ojw Upload area for tiles@home website
(edit) @1807   13 years ojw Start putting the tiles@home website on svn
(edit) @1778   13 years ojw Perl script to parse the upload stats for tiles server
(edit) @1540   13 years nick Freemap-NPE: initial version
(edit) @1478   13 years nick Added current osmabrowser to svn
(edit) @1448   13 years ojw Allow a whole 90 seconds to download 80n's sunbury map
(edit) @1447   13 years ojw Fix zero-width bug in API link
(edit) @1446   13 years ojw Add link to OSM API for people who want to get the data directly
(edit) @1445   13 years ojw link to api
(edit) @1444   13 years ojw Move the tools which cause stuff to be updated, to an admin menu
(edit) @1442   13 years ojw Stylesheet
(edit) @1441   13 years ojw Add SQL for creating the database
(add) @1440   13 years ojw city-browsing website, and host for OSM@home
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