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#86 OSM "in a box" for Windows Tom defect trivial wontfix
#2193 Spelling error in "Create New Ticket" Tom Hughes defect trivial fixed
#2676 show and highlight lines with incomplete=1/true/yes in the noname Layer Tom Hughes defect trivial invalid
#82 Feature requests and ideas from the wiki should be changed into trac tickets steve@… defect minor invalid
#137 BitTorrent distribution of OSM database snapshot steve@… enhancement minor wontfix
#446 Differentiate tagged and untagged nodes in JOSM steve@… enhancement minor invalid
#1030 [PATCH]automatic logon to OSM site Tom Hughes enhancement minor fixed
#3331 Add more reports to the list of available reports in trac Tom Hughes enhancement minor wontfix
#4189 Please unblock my IP Tom Hughes task minor invalid
#5083 My new address is not showing up on your maps Joseph Freconna enhancement minor 2.0 invalid
#5200 Create a new Icon Tom Hughes enhancement minor 2.0 invalid
#136 CD/DVD distribution of OpenStreetMap snapshots steve@… enhancement major fixed
#5383 Address not found, Error contacting 503 Animal Eye Care of Richmond defect major invalid
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