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#2387 Take into account max. weight/height/width when calculating a route transport restrictions routing new ddean@… enhancement major
#3983 Highway=pedestrian not used for pedestrian routing pedestrian routing new lambertus defect minor
#5216 Nominatim should link localised keywords to english keywords routing, keywords, tags assigned geocoding@… defect minor
#5342 Routing will not accept destination entry under certain circumstances. routing, Firefox new rails-dev@… defect minor
#5365 option to quickly switch start and destination in routing menu routing navigation ui new rails-dev@… enhancement minor
#5454 A YOURS Permalink misses all vias and only shows the route between start and end. yours, via, routing, permalink new osm@… defect minor
#5455 YOURS via markers have no image for via 27 and above yours, via, routing, marker new osm@… defect minor
#5456 YOURS route vias list is not scrollable yours, via, routing new osm@… defect minor
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