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#5426 Mark only one side in one-way streets new Andy Allan defect major
#5432 Internal error when browser accept-languages is Vietnamese new Tom Hughes defect major
#5449 Quartiere Sant’Ambrogio map bug new osm@… defect major
#5464 No rednering of oneway:bicycle=no new Andy Allan defect major
#5465 Mouse has no effect in P2 in FF 55.0.2 on Windows 7 new potlatch-dev@… defect major
#5469 splitting pbf leaves unnecessary nodes inside ways new bretth defect major
#5479 osmosis can't append osm data into database new bretth defect major
#5485 Update legend for bicycle parkings new Andy Allan enhancement major
#5504 Opencyclemap layer : share_busway and other cycle attributes not shown new Andy Allan enhancement major
#5505 Shared cycleways both with cars and buses not rendered in opencyclemap ! new Andy Allan defect major
#5506 "service : bicycle : *" attributes not rendered in opencyclemap new Andy Allan defect major
#2964 osmosis failing to connect to psgsql on ipv6 host new bretth defect critical
#3841 implement bicycle:oneway for paths new Andy Allan enhancement critical
#4787 revert direction: no support for direction depending tags new potlatch-dev@… defect critical
#5076 mapdata view maybe loads too big areas or freezes for other reasons... new rails-dev@… defect critical
#5223 osmosis rii-task failed new bretth defect critical
#5336 The shape of Brazil´s states and municipalities limits is wrong. Get latest version at IBGE site new mikel_maron@… defect critical
#5457 Potlatch P2 crashes Flash, mousewheel zoom not working, in Firefox 54 on Linux new potlatch-dev@… defect critical
#5468 Osmosis efficiency problem - suggestion new bretth defect critical
#5483 Replication breaks on redirect new bretth defect critical
#5486 "cycleway:left=opposite_lane" is not showing on the cycle map new Andy Allan defect critical
#5489 Should move to Netty 4 new bretth enhancement critical
#2386 Segfault on planet rebuild new ddean@… defect blocker
#3196 Gosmore doesn't load multimap submaps on WIndows new nroets@… defect blocker
#4597 Osmosis crashes when loading planet.osm new bretth defect blocker
#5110 gosmore segfault on rebuild new nroets@… defect blocker
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