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#2657 osm2pgsql makes osm ids negative when importing relations with touching inners osm2pgsql,postgis,topology new jburgess777@… defect major
#2853 osm2pgsql multipolygon handling necessarily broken on outer tagging change osm2pgsql multipolygon new jburgess777@… defect major
#3589 Cannot upload data from Potlatch 2 Potlatch 2 new potlatch-dev@… defect major
#3536 Custom background layer entries get lost background potlatch2 new potlatch-dev@… defect minor
#4243 osmosis requires attribute version and timestamp osmosis, ogr2osm, attributes new bretth enhancement minor
#4520 Potlatch 2 stops updating screen potlatch2, update new potlatch-dev@… defect minor
#4782 ngi-aerial as default background for South Africa za aerial imagery pl2 new potlatch-dev@… enhancement minor
#5049 website search box and "where am I" reverse geocoding is not available anymore for use in potlatch2 potlatch2 geocoding new rails-dev@… defect minor
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