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#1767 Easy undelete from way history History, undelete, API0.6 new rails-dev@… enhancement major
#2652 api call to get the relations for a list of elements api relation new rails-dev@… enhancement major
#3118 Improve history view for ways by showing node-count api way node count new rails-dev@… enhancement major
#1090 Allow login to the wiki using an OSM account wiki, authentication, SSO, single sign on, trac, forum, api assigned emj enhancement minor
#1975 Provide Error Header for 404 in Multi Fetch api new rails-dev@… enhancement minor
#2635 The server should provide a more specific error message when the client exceeds the 50k limit api_errors new zerebubuth@… enhancement minor
#1368 Order GPS points by track then timestamp gpx api new richard@… enhancement trivial
#3555 bad characters in tags make GPX-upload invalid gpx api_errors assigned rails-dev@… enhancement trivial
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