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#2303 Cycleways rendered differently per surface opencyclemap, cycleway new Andy Allan enhancement major
#4856 OpenCyclemap: Generic path and cycleway looks identical in map-view (but different in editor-view) generic path cycleway blue new Andy Allan defect major
#5269 highway=cycleway next to a road make street names unreadable cycleway, street relation, name new Andy Allan defect major
#4186 cycleway:left(/right)=lane doesn't render a cycle lane cycleway:left=lane new Andy Allan defect minor
#4188 cycleway=share_busway, cycleway:left=share_busway, and cycleway:right=share_busway don't render cycle lanes cycleway=share_busway cycleway:left=share_busway cycleway:right=share_busway new Andy Allan defect minor
#5460 Do not set cycleway=no on roads with no bike lanes cycleway new potlatch-dev@… defect minor
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