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#1767 Easy undelete from way history History, undelete, API0.6 new rails-dev@… enhancement major
#3118 Improve history view for ways by showing node-count api way node count new rails-dev@… enhancement major
#3650 osmosis creates incorrect linestring geometry in simple schema one node ways new bretth enhancement major
#3702 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when using pbf file java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException new bretth defect major
#4231 In simple mode, the entry for the designation tag needs better explanation designation reopened Richard enhancement major
#4801 render_list ignoring current tiles with --all parameter render_list prerender force all patch new tile-serving@… defect major
#5272 Render service:bicycle:retail, service:bicycle:repair rendering, service new Andy Allan enhancement major
#1551 Snapping to multiple nodes in existing ways node snap new cbro@… enhancement minor
#3761 bridges not rendered in OpenCycleMap bridge, rendering new Andy Allan enhancement minor
#3983 Highway=pedestrian not used for pedestrian routing pedestrian routing new lambertus defect minor
#4074 Highlight pedestrian areas with bicycle=yes pedestrian area bicycle new Andy Allan enhancement minor
#4536 OCM: highway segments not rendered due to incompletely described relation highway rendering new Andy Allan defect minor
#4617 Volcano rendering rendering new Andy Allan enhancement minor
#4871 Handle partial postcodes postcode new geocoding@… enhancement minor
#5016 Simple mode still uses deprecated power=* tags tagging, power, deprecated new potlatch-dev@… defect minor
#5082 Coordinate display for node browe pages: Decimal separator should not be translated decimal node translation new rails-dev@… defect minor
#5105 Adits not rendering Adit, rendering new hornbydd defect minor
#5244 OCM: some scrambled rendering at zoom levels 15 and 16 OCM rendering new Andy Allan defect minor
#5313 Some buildings / one changeset (12 days old now) is not rendering in's standard "mapnik" map rendering new Tom Hughes defect minor
#5320 Opencyclemap renderer name displaying issues - zoom 8-12 rendering, names new Andy Allan defect minor
#5347 [Reverse Geocoding] City is not found for 'Theodor-Körner-Park' in Vienna Reverse geocoding detalization new geocoding@… defect minor
#5495 auth issues for users with unicode characters in their OSM username trac, auth, unicode new Tom Hughes defect minor
#2654 Allow user to configure image format setting per layer renderd config image format new jburgess777@… enhancement trivial
#3126 Allow deleted nodes to be reinstated from the data browser node undelete new rails-dev@… enhancement trivial
#4539 Endpoints of node networks are incorrectly detected rcn, node, display name accepted JDub defect trivial
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