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#4597 Osmosis crashes when loading planet.osm new defect blocker osmosis
#2964 osmosis failing to connect to psgsql on ipv6 host new defect critical osmosis
#5223 osmosis rii-task failed new defect critical osmosis
#5468 Osmosis efficiency problem - suggestion new defect critical osmosis
#5483 Replication breaks on redirect new defect critical osmosis
#5489 Should move to Netty 4 new enhancement critical osmosis
#1766 Add support for an "incomplete" attribute. new enhancement major osmosis
#2913 Add table prefix for postgis tasks new enhancement major osmosis
#3398 please add command line switch for custom temporary directory new enhancement major osmosis
#3650 osmosis creates incorrect linestring geometry in simple schema new enhancement major osmosis
#3680 Fails to update relations from osc file new defect major osmosis
#3694 pgsnapshot_load script needs an ANALYZE before the bbox update query new defect major osmosis
#3702 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when using pbf file new defect major osmosis
#3840 Irregular java.lang.LinkageError new defect major osmosis
#3936 Escape sequences don't work in Osmosis 0.39 new defect major osmosis
#4859 Adding Switzerland imagery: Lausanne+region, Riviera Vaudoise, Nyon new task major Wishlist osmosis
#4863 Support schemas for database tasks new enhancement major osmosis
#5144 --report-integrity Cannot represent 2149356848 as an integer new defect major osmosis
#5469 splitting pbf leaves unnecessary nodes inside ways new defect major osmosis
#5479 osmosis can't append osm data into database new defect major osmosis
#3892 NULL in hstore breaks store writer new defect minor osmosis
#3909 missing one node ways after --write-pgsql new defect minor osmosis
#3929 Ant build fails to find checkstyle classes new defect minor osmosis
#4167 Set HTTP User agent header new enhancement minor osmosis
#4243 osmosis requires attribute version and timestamp new enhancement minor osmosis
#4463 osmosis locks working directory while fetching the read-replication-lag new defect minor osmosis
#4577 IndexedObjectStore complete method leaves internal objects in Add state new defect minor osmosis
#4689 Wrong SQL Statement inside dbContext.getRelationManager().getEntity(relationId) new defect minor osmosis
#4690 Wrong SQL Statement inside dbContext. dbContext.getWayManager().getEntity(relationId) new defect minor osmosis
#4705 crosby.binary.Osmformat#Info does not include "visible" field new enhancement minor osmosis
#5013 plugin.xml in osmosis-core contains bad version new defect minor osmosis
#5100 update a full-history-planet with osmosis new enhancement minor osmosis
#5102 Osmosis does not work when it is located in a path with spaces and hyphens new defect minor osmosis
#5191 pgsnapshot node location store requires excessive memory new defect minor osmosis
#5312 Osmosis should sync files to disk during replication new defect minor osmosis
#5407 osmosis 0.45 update failing on "PSQLException: Can't infer the SQL type to use for an instance of java.util.HashMap" new defect minor osmosis
#5463 osmosis on android stops functioning after reading the first node new defect minor osmosis
#5509 osmosis new install, Loading class com.mysql.jdbc.Driver. This is deprecated. The new driver class is com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver new defect minor osmosis
#5510 add port parameter to --wp new enhancement minor osmosis
#4982 Ability to --rri to a specified time new enhancement trivial osmosis
#5036 osmosis --read-replication-lag crashes when lag < 61 seconds new defect trivial osmosis
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