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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#5212 [osm2shp] glibconfig.h: No such file or directory new defect major utils
#5408 First time users on get confusing 'OpenID' page new enhancement major admin
#5432 Internal error when browser accept-languages is Vietnamese new defect major admin
#4754 Setting component=* for /newticket does not work reopened defect minor admin
#5089 Help Forum loads stylesheet and script from Google reopened defect minor admin
#5196 default style migrated to other bugtracker new enhancement minor admin
#5313 Some buildings / one changeset (12 days old now) is not rendering in's standard "mapnik" map new defect minor admin
#5395 Say Raise iD issues where new enhancement minor admin
#5401 PDF export does not show scale new defect minor utils
#5453 Remove the OpenCycleMap component new task minor admin
#5495 auth issues for users with unicode characters in their OSM username new defect minor admin
#5496 DMARC pushes many mailing list messages to spam because of DKIM fail new defect minor admin
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