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#5465 Mouse has no effect in P2 in FF 55.0.2 on Windows 7 new potlatch-dev@… defect major
#3476 When viewing "My Tracks" up and down arrows affect the window behind new potlatch-dev@… defect minor
#3669 Lack of support for waypoints in GPX files new potlatch-dev@… defect minor
#4053 In Potlatch 2, when you try and draw a way though a GPX file waypoint the waypoint isn't used. new potlatch-dev@… defect minor
#4056 In Potlatch 2, can a way be found to optionally enable drag when an item is selected without having to click, unclick, click again, and then drag? new potlatch-dev@… enhancement minor
#4372 Potlatch2 doesn't save new multipolygon relation new potlatch-dev@… defect minor
#4549 Could the default OSM P2 instance include a stylesheet that uses something other than light blue for GPS traces? new potlatch-dev@… enhancement minor
#4805 When editing not from a GPS trace, show all GPS traces by default new potlatch-dev@… enhancement minor
#4956 Replying to emails about note comments new rails-dev@… enhancement minor
#5208 P2 now shows imagery options in alphabetical order new potlatch-dev@… defect minor
#5321 Potlatch2 - on small screens (e.g. Chromebook) some functionality is hidden beyond the bottom of the screen new potlatch-dev@… defect minor
#5428 Attempting to search the DWG wiki doesn't work new Grant Slater defect minor
#4046 In Potlatch 2.3 advanced mode, when entering long tag values the cursor disappears new potlatch-dev@… defect trivial
#4057 In Potlatch 2, it would be nice to have an option to disable the highlight / flicker effect that occurs when the mouse is moved new potlatch-dev@… enhancement trivial
#4296 Click / drag pans the map, but not if you're over a bit of GPS trace new potlatch-dev@… defect trivial
#4370 Provide easy way to copy object IDs to clipboard new potlatch-dev@… enhancement trivial
#4397 Potlatch2 doesn't render highway=raceway new potlatch-dev@… defect trivial
#4607 "natural=water" is rendered in P2's simple view as "lake" instead of something more generic new potlatch-dev@… defect trivial
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