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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#4515 Diary-link disappeared closed defect major website
#5390 lot of timeouts / very slow API closed defect major api
#1345 reproducable logout failure closed defect minor website
#1999 search in/ sort users own gpx-tracks new enhancement minor Wishlist website
#2346 [roads] highway=track with construction in progress is not rendered closed defect minor mapnik
#2485 Places only returned as exact matches closed enhancement minor nominatim
#3009 [roads] raceways not rendered if way is closed closed defect minor mapnik
#3051 announcing user messages with the real subject? closed enhancement minor website
#3336 -> closed task minor website
#3337 security issue during registering new account at OSM closed defect minor website
#3338 incomplete antispam hint after registration closed defect minor website
#3708 Deleted nodes now look like not deleted ones closed defect minor website
#4359 No single newline at blogs closed defect minor website
#4546 click twice for one logout closed defect minor admin
#4735 filter for active users nearby closed enhancement minor website
#4740 trace import fails when editing tag while "waiting" new defect minor website
#4850 usability of "add a note": make layer sticky closed enhancement minor website
#4874 "add a note": possibility to reopen closed defect minor website
#4875 "add a note": Close popup on second click new enhancement minor website
#4876 "add a note": Show popup on hover new enhancement minor website
#4929 not all bridges are rendered closed defect minor mapnik
#5007 not all subdomains work with "" closed defect minor admin
#5167 Shown user name != real user name new defect minor website
#5242 Centering on object not wirking with new defect minor website
#5258 irregular behaviour of Mapnik closed defect minor mapnik
#3327 [mailing list archive] random whitespaces in subject closed defect trivial admin
#3555 bad characters in tags make GPX-upload invalid assigned enhancement trivial Wishlist website
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