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#3404 colors of nodes in map style wireframe potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#3405 GPS tracks are "zombie" objects potlatch2 new defect minor
#3409 Modifying tags causes text cursor (insert point) to move to start of text field. potlatch2 reopened defect minor
#3422 Dragging members of a relation even if you end up doing nothing registers a "change" potlatch2 new defect major
#3429 Support for photomapping potlatch2 new enhancement major
#3432 Allow for auto-completion of street suffixes potlatch2 new enhancement major Wishlist
#3433 Multipolygon not rendered correctly potlatch2 new defect major
#3467 Hard to select way with many nodes potlatch2 new defect trivial
#3476 When viewing "My Tracks" up and down arrows affect the window behind potlatch2 new defect minor
#3486 Relation member list - more info potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#3508 Relation member ordering - multiple selection potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#3516 Clicking 'edit' by a GPS track doesn't go to the right lat/long potlatch2 new defect major
#3524 Allow choice of controlled vocab or custom item potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#3527 Better distinction between common and less common tag values potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#3530 Support for simultaneous tags potlatch2 new enhancement major
#3532 Upset P2 when zooming in too soon potlatch2 new defect trivial
#3533 Include [key=value] in tooltip for presets potlatch2 reopened enhancement minor
#3535 Simple Menu - Set building = yes when assigning Building > Place of Worship potlatch2 new defect minor
#3536 Custom background layer entries get lost potlatch2 new defect minor
#3540 Down arrow key should select only entry in suggested tag key/value list potlatch2 new defect minor
#3553 Saving data doesn't refresh timestamp/user information in p2 potlatch2 new defect minor
#3562 Make dragging unselected POI do "select & pan" potlatch2 reopened enhancement minor
#3567 Add ability to create a no_u_turn restriction with a way "via" potlatch2 new enhancement major
#3571 Right-to-left writing direction letters are not concatenated potlatch2 new defect major
#3572 GPS traces in Potlatch 1 and 2 potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#3579 Create duplicate objects potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#3580 Restrict drawing to 45° angles potlatch2 accepted enhancement minor
#3589 Cannot upload data from Potlatch 2 potlatch2 new defect major
#3618 Optimize highway geometry as a clothoid part. potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#3628 Usability: 'Loading data...' indicator should be more obvious potlatch2 new enhancement major
#3629 Usability: Layer loading order - load bug layers later potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#3631 Usability: Discoverability of adding additional node in way is low potlatch2 new enhancement major
#3632 Usability: Add curly <- and -> arrows to the redo/undo buttons potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#3633 Usability: Prompt user to join points when adding way that crosses another way potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#3634 Usability: Text in the Save dialog is very small potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#3636 Usability: Authorisation Required dialog and workflow needs reworking potlatch2 new enhancement major
#3637 P2 mini-icon potlatch2 new enhancement trivial
#3657 TagGrid is unhappy when you try to create duplicate tags potlatch2 new defect trivial
#3658 Make right-angled tool sometimes fails potlatch2 new defect minor
#3669 Lack of support for waypoints in GPX files potlatch2 new defect minor
#3711 Error message is unclear if OSM server bandwidth is exceeded potlatch2 assigned defect major
#3714 Add option "building / ruins / none" in menu when tagging an area potlatch2 new defect trivial
#3716 add a payment tab to POI templates potlatch2 reopened enhancement minor
#3739 Additional tags are easily missed in Simple Mode potlatch2 new enhancement major
#3767 "Not recognised" should be more descriptive and inclusive potlatch2 new enhancement trivial
#3776 Editor should warn you to update key-specific source tags when the related value changes potlatch2 new defect major
#3779 Switch to newer tagging schema for power source potlatch2 new defect minor
#3855 PL2: remember custom imagery between sessions potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#3860 Potlatch 2.2 does not discard a way's first point when Undo-ing it potlatch2 reopened defect major
#3874 Potlatch bug with renaming streets names potlatch2 new defect major
#3900 Bugs Style Sheets keep reloading potlatch2 new defect minor
#3901 Undo gets blocked after joining two different ways potlatch2 new defect minor
#3904 Supply common dialogs when handling common objects potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#3916 Background Dim Not work wen refresh page! potlatch2 new defect minor
#3933 Support ski/piste tags potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#3980 RFE: Potlatch/2 feature to ease correct node<->way conversions potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#3997 Newly allocated ID not shown in advanced tag editor potlatch2 new defect trivial
#3998 Edit Way links not working with PL2 potlatch2 new defect minor
#4002 Make ability to go full screen more obvious in Potlatch potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4010 i18n: make map_features i18n-ed potlatch2 new enhancement major
#4020 Add a validation in Potlatch to stop adding two-way roads ABCBA potlatch2 new defect major
#4021 Adding an amenity tag removed building=yes potlatch2 new defect major
#4046 In Potlatch 2.3 advanced mode, when entering long tag values the cursor disappears potlatch2 new defect trivial
#4051 Potlatch 2 versions up relations that were not edited potlatch2 new defect minor
#4053 In Potlatch 2, when you try and draw a way though a GPX file waypoint the waypoint isn't used. potlatch2 new defect minor
#4056 In Potlatch 2, can a way be found to optionally enable drag when an item is selected without having to click, unclick, click again, and then drag? potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4057 In Potlatch 2, it would be nice to have an option to disable the highlight / flicker effect that occurs when the mouse is moved potlatch2 new enhancement trivial
#4112 Provide bundled releases of potlatch2 potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4122 windows search potlatch2 new defect minor
#4123 Internationalization of UI incomplete potlatch2 new enhancement major
#4128 Addition POI's potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4131 Potlatch 2 causes version mismatch potlatch2 new defect major
#4133 P2 'simple view' not show tags for node features in T-junctions potlatch2 new defect minor
#4153 Easily add contact information and opening_hours for local businesses (POIs) potlatch2 new enhancement major
#4197 NOT A BUG, request for more tags potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4203 On upload (save), a version conflict can't be resolved, user losing edits potlatch2 new enhancement major
#4205 Usability - User's can't finish/exit creating a geometry potlatch2 new enhancement major
#4206 Usability: Discoverability and meaning of Advanced Tagging Tab potlatch2 new enhancement major
#4220 Usability suggestion: visual feedback for keypresses potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4230 "within" restriction still shows in list of features potlatch2 new defect minor
#4231 In simple mode, the entry for the designation tag needs better explanation potlatch2 reopened enhancement major
#4263 Non-existent objects being added to relations potlatch2 new defect minor
#4265 Unconnected roads potlatch2 new defect major
#4270 Usability: Potlatch2 + TrackPad Problems potlatch2 new defect minor
#4271 Usability: Custom Tag Tab potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4280 P2 does not correctly add nodes potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4283 Improve error-handling on map_features.xml potlatch2 new defect minor
#4284 P2 spinner doesn't move when window is resized potlatch2 new defect trivial
#4296 Click / drag pans the map, but not if you're over a bit of GPS trace potlatch2 new defect trivial
#4301 Make relevant relations easier to find potlatch2 new defect minor
#4310 Some keyboard shortcuts inaccessible (or wrong) on non-english keyboard layouts potlatch2 new defect minor
#4311 Allowing multi-selection on the basis of common tags potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4319 Show a scale on Potlatch2 potlatch2 new enhancement major
#4324 Autocomplete very slow on Mac (FP 10.1) potlatch2 new defect minor
#4326 Allow inputSet to be defined in subsidiary map_features files potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4327 Potlatch 2 simple mode should let users choose multiple parking types potlatch2 new defect minor
#4341 MapCSS from local disk potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4354 Show direction of coastline and enclosed bodies of water potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4365 Support man_made=pipeline and pipeline=* potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4370 Provide easy way to copy object IDs to clipboard potlatch2 new enhancement trivial
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