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#4386 Show lengths of ways (in kilometres) potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4396 Simplify shouldn't delete nodes that are in relations potlatch2 new defect minor
#4413 Cuisine types in Potlatch2 potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4431 Show name when it exists for unrecognised features potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4479 Arrow keys change tags when moving map potlatch2 new defect minor
#4488 Simple Building Option for Shops and Amenities potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4516 GPS track / GPX files - last point of each track segment ignored potlatch2 new defect minor
#4520 Potlatch 2 stops updating screen potlatch2 new defect minor
#4526 cyclepath lacks oneway button potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4549 Could the default OSM P2 instance include a stylesheet that uses something other than light blue for GPS traces? potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4559 Can't create new way starting from T junction potlatch2 new defect minor
#4560 Render leisure=track when not area potlatch2 new defect minor
#4568 DatabaseWarning too OSM-specific, impossible to disable ("changes are saved to the main OpenStreetMap database") potlatch2 new defect minor
#4599 Icon for medical doctor in potlatch2 potlatch2 new defect minor
#4606 Node within way features should only be shown when node within way is selected potlatch2 new defect minor
#4608 Default lanes field to "unset" instead of "1" potlatch2 new defect minor
#4614 Using match in input type=choice doesn't include the value potlatch2 new defect minor
#4632 replace gaelic_football with gaelic_games potlatch2 new defect minor
#4652 Automatic "building=yes" for some node->way conversions in Potlatch potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4677 ignores first point of GPX track potlatch2 new defect minor
#4706 Add new tunnel values to roads preset potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4728 freeze after Ctrl+C during editing potlatch2 new defect minor
#4764 Map style changes cannot be saved potlatch2 new defect minor
#4782 ngi-aerial as default background for South Africa potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4786 Empty changesets are savable - trigger the save button to be active potlatch2 new defect minor
#4805 When editing not from a GPS trace, show all GPS traces by default potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4879 stop encouraging destruction of multipolygones potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4880 Nested Relations aren't displayed potlatch2 new defect minor
#4902 Warnings for deleting/merging relation members potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4926 Check for common errors on save potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#4953 Potlatch 2 is not displaying node after undoing its deletion potlatch2 new defect minor
#5016 Simple mode still uses deprecated power=* tags potlatch2 new defect minor
#5034 Potlatch should expose the "city" field in the address editor potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#5079 Show note-info in relations-list potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#5090 "create parallel way" tool creates zero-length ways when clicked several times potlatch2 new defect minor
#5189 Traffic restriction only_straight_on does not detect road at crossing potlatch2 new defect minor
#5208 P2 now shows imagery options in alphabetical order potlatch2 new defect minor
#5229 Add Point/Amenity Icon for Medical - Clinic - Physician - Doctor potlatch2 new enhancement minor Wishlist
#5248 add an icon for campers potlatch2 new defect minor
#5321 Potlatch2 - on small screens (e.g. Chromebook) some functionality is hidden beyond the bottom of the screen potlatch2 new defect minor
#5421 Sidewalks set to Both potlatch2 new defect minor
#5451 Shift click adds points and also creates a zoom box potlatch2 new enhancement minor
#5460 Do not set cycleway=no on roads with no bike lanes potlatch2 new defect minor
#3467 Hard to select way with many nodes potlatch2 new defect trivial
#3532 Upset P2 when zooming in too soon potlatch2 new defect trivial
#3637 P2 mini-icon potlatch2 new enhancement trivial
#3657 TagGrid is unhappy when you try to create duplicate tags potlatch2 new defect trivial
#3714 Add option "building / ruins / none" in menu when tagging an area potlatch2 new defect trivial
#3767 "Not recognised" should be more descriptive and inclusive potlatch2 new enhancement trivial
#3997 Newly allocated ID not shown in advanced tag editor potlatch2 new defect trivial
#4046 In Potlatch 2.3 advanced mode, when entering long tag values the cursor disappears potlatch2 new defect trivial
#4057 In Potlatch 2, it would be nice to have an option to disable the highlight / flicker effect that occurs when the mouse is moved potlatch2 new enhancement trivial
#4284 P2 spinner doesn't move when window is resized potlatch2 new defect trivial
#4296 Click / drag pans the map, but not if you're over a bit of GPS trace potlatch2 new defect trivial
#4370 Provide easy way to copy object IDs to clipboard potlatch2 new enhancement trivial
#4397 Potlatch2 doesn't render highway=raceway potlatch2 new defect trivial
#4406 Ghost node left when undoing draw way potlatch2 new defect trivial
#4426 [Patch]Tagging presets for swimming pools include access potlatch2 new defect trivial
#4484 driveway preset for P2? potlatch2 new enhancement trivial
#4539 Endpoints of node networks are incorrectly detected potlatch2 accepted defect trivial
#4607 "natural=water" is rendered in P2's simple view as "lake" instead of something more generic potlatch2 new defect trivial
#4845 make all parts of Help copyable with mouse potlatch2 new defect trivial
#5476 Allow task names to be taken from the GPX <name> tag potlatch2 new enhancement trivial
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