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#4378 Potlatch 2: create ways with only 1 node stevage defect critical potlatch2
#3254 Turn restriction broken by potlatch richard@… defect major potlatch (flash editor)
#3698 Show users of a tag jochen@… enhancement major taginfo
#3860 Potlatch 2.2 does not discard a way's first point when Undo-ing it potlatch-dev@… defect major potlatch2
#4231 In simple mode, the entry for the designation tag needs better explanation Richard enhancement major potlatch2
#17 adding option to only get "newer than" - objects steve@… enhancement minor OSM 0.7 api
#3409 Modifying tags causes text cursor (insert point) to move to start of text field. Richard defect minor potlatch2
#3533 Include [key=value] in tooltip for presets potlatch-dev@… enhancement minor potlatch2
#3562 Make dragging unselected POI do "select & pan" potlatch-dev@… enhancement minor potlatch2
#3716 add a payment tab to POI templates potlatch-dev@… enhancement minor potlatch2
#4754 Setting component=* for /newticket does not work Tom Hughes defect minor admin
#5027 the user's "notes" layer state should not be changed permanently (by saving into his _osm_location cookie) when he opens a link with layers=N rails-dev@… defect minor website
#5059 Remote edit links ignore shown object information ("browse" page) rails-dev@… defect minor website
#5089 Help Forum loads stylesheet and script from Google Tom Hughes defect minor admin
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