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Andy Allan (6 matches)

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#3417 opencyclemap missing some terrain tiles opencyclemap defect Dec 26, 2010



Appears to be a rendering error?

#5334 Barriers of all types with the key "bicycle=no" should be rendered opencyclemap defect Jul 16, 2015

Barriers of any kind that block bicycle traffic (bicycle=no) should be rendered on the map. There are some known cases of paths accessible for cyclists, but blocked at some point by a barrier.

For a real-world case see for example this:


and its corresponding note


To render those barriers is highly useful for planning routes!

#1283 cycleway=track not rendered on Cycle Map opencyclemap Wishlist enhancement Oct 22, 2008

Sorry for posting this on the "Mapnik" trac, but there does not seem to be a "Cycle Way" trac. Although some people argue that drawing a separate "highway=cycleway" next to an existing road is better then adding "cycleway=track" to that road (I am not one of them), the "cycleway=track" is still heavily used (i.e. in the Netherlands). However, the "Cycle Way" map view does not render the "cycleway=track" roads as being special for cyclist. "cycleway=lane" however is rendered. In my opinion both tracks and lanes should be rendered.

#2221 pub rendered as postbox opencyclemap defect Aug 26, 2009

Somehow the pub "Earl of Marchmont" gets rendered as a postbox here in the opencyclemap. It could just be render priority, meaning the postbox gets rendered over the pub.

#4004 Town labels missing in Opencyclemap opencyclemap defect Sep 15, 2011

Paisley: http://opencyclemap.org/?zoom=12&lat=55.85006&lon=-4.40583&layers=B0 Shows Gockston, Ferguslie Park, Arkleston (all smaller areas of Paisley). Expected to see Paisley; it appears at no zoom level. The openstreetmap labelling of Paisley/Glasgow? and the suburbs is more like what I'd expect: http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=55.813&lon=-4.242&zoom=11&layers=M

Stirling: http://opencyclemap.org/?zoom=12&lat=56.1287&lon=-3.92346&layers=B0 Shows Raploch, Riverside, Broomridge. Expected to see Stirling. Stirling disappears at zoom 10.

Also eg Dunfermline, Linlithgow, Gourock, Greenock, Port Glasgow, Largs - all disappear at zoom 12. This may be a different issue, since Paisley/Stirling? seem to obscured at lower zooms by their suburbs, while these smaller towns mostly disappear with no other label nearby.

All of the above are tagged as Towns in OSM.

#3074 Rendering aerialway ways opencyclemap enhancement Jun 20, 2010

Please consider rendering the aerialway ways? They are very useful here in Switzerland as landmarks when mountainbiking (and some cyclists use some of the for transport).

Chris Browet (4 matches)

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#2805 Transfer tags to relation merkaartor enhancement Mar 20, 2010

IWBNI to have a menu item for multipolygon relations, to transfer all the tags from the outer way(s) to the relation itself. This would eliminate some of the repetitive (thus boring, so error-prone) work when adding islands to lakes, and similar tasks.

#1762 Show changeset comment merkaartor enhancement Apr 27, 2009

When you show a way or node, you can view history but you can't see changeset comment. It's very important when multiple people work on the same area to see the associated changset with history and especially the comment. And it will be better to have a panel for history and changset comment. Personnaly I don't use GPS with merkaartor but only gpx file so I have free space on right side for this panel. It will be better to have links enable on this panel to view the full changeset and select other ways or node ... but optional feature.

#2740 Expanded Tag Template merkaartor enhancement Feb 23, 2010

In the spirit of "release early, release often", here's a tag template I've been working on for my own use, but happy for other people to take a look.

It covers more features than the default template, but I've missed some stuff out that I don't use, like Karlsruhe addressing. If people think this is heading in the right direction, I'll do more work and post the results.

#2994 Forest rendering problem merkaartor task May 22, 2010

merkaartor incorrectly renders forest.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Press Ctrl+G and go to


  1. Point mouse to cemetery
  1. Scroll to increase scale to x16

Expected: Forest is near the town boundary

In fact: Forest is drown over the cemetery

Merkaartor v.0.15.3

MikeyCarter (1 match)

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#3264 New read-apidb/write-apidb for Oracle RDBMS osmosis enhancement Oct 3, 2010

Oracle has some really nice tools for monitoring and tuning. Would rather use them over mysql or postgresql.

emj (1 match)

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#1090 Allow login to the wiki using an OSM account wiki Wishlist enhancement Aug 9, 2008

I'm new to the community and I came across a stumbling block last night. Basically I signed up for an account and then the next day I couldnt log in again. I tried resetting my password and all sorts and nothing worked I just couldnt get signed into the page. After an hour of getting really pissed off with the whole project I came to realise... you need two separate accounts, one for the map and one for the wiki, I had signed up for one but not the other.

Is there no way you can have the same log in details be for both? I groaned at the prospect of having to create a 3rd account just to post here and suggest this, but it turns out the map password works here also, so in that case why can't it work for the wiki?

One login to rule them all!

In fact, how about supporting openID that way I dont even need to sign up for any accounts!

Keep up the good work guys.

geocoding@… (1 match)

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#5216 Nominatim should link localised keywords to english keywords nominatim defect Aug 26, 2014


Nominatim should link localised keywords to existing english keywords used as tags in OSM, like "station" being linked to "gare" (french word for station), "bus stop" to "arrêt de bus", and so on.

It would make us able to find these items when querying Nominatim in our native languages when different from English (currently most of the time I'm not able to find them).

This could be done using localisation files giving matching equivalents for each language, and would be very helpful for making trips using public transportation networks, but also for routing in general.

jbr (1 match)

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#3510 Problem with omitmetadata=true in PBF Binary Task and ObjectStore osmosis defect Feb 4, 2011

Application of the parameter omitmetadata=true in the write-pbf task sets the 'version' attribute of an processed entity to -1. When trying to write such an entity to an ObjectStore (e.g. SimpleObjectStore) the version attribute is casted from an integer type to a char in method org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.util.IntAsChar.intToChar(). A negative number obviously cannot be casted to a char and so an OsmosisRuntimeException is thrown.

I could set the version attribute to a valid value prior to storing it in an ObjectStore. However, that's only possible if the entity is not readonly. Otherwise I have to clone the entity, which is not very memory efficient in an Osmosis pipe with much parallelization (e.g. --tee 20).

The easiest and I guess most reasonable fix to this problem would be to write a '0' instead of '-1' to the version attribute in the --write-pbf task when omitmetadata is enabled.

jburgess777@… (2 matches)

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#3605 Mapnik doesn't render specific multipolygon configuration osm2pgsql defect Mar 25, 2011

Situation: Small fenced park (leisure=park+barrier=fence+name=) being an "inner" of a multipolygon representing a larger park (leisure=park).

The problem: smaller park is not rendered by mapnik (even the fence is not rendered). If I change leisure=park to e.g. landuse=grass, both polygon and fence are rendered, however such tagging is not really correct.

I believe that's part of "compatibility" with broken multipolygons which are expected to have tags which belonging to multipolygon on both inner and outer ways. In any case, it should be fixed, as it prevents rendering properly tagged objects correctly, while masking data errors (however, I haven't seen such broken multipolygons in a first place).

Here's the problem: http://osm.org/go/0t21K6eJK--

#3542 Do logging output to stdout instead of stderr osm2pgsql enhancement Feb 14, 2011

As discuss on the mailing list [1] for now osm2pgsql do all output on stderr instead of splitting them between stdout and stderr. Propose to modify this feature and do logging output to stdout.

  1. http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/dev/2011-February/021860.html

Chris Browet (3 matches)

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#1373 AI for tag completion merkaartor enhancement Dec 2, 2008

(Ok, this is about polishing a rather well-working feature, so has low priority. Some of the suggestions would likely need further tweaking based on user response.)

I imagine the tag completion in the tag editor could be improved if a match was selected from several "buckets" of different priority. If a match is found in more than one bucket, the one with the highest priority would win. (A shortcut would cycle through the matches.)

Priorities could be (from highest to lowest): strings from loaded GPX waypoints; tags that I typed in in this session (prefer the match I typed in most recently over other ones in this session); tags that were downloaded from OSM.

For ways, prefer tags that are on other ways; for nodes, prefer tags that are on other nodes. This would be beneficial to my editing habits even if nothing else was implemented.

For values, complete values that have the same key first, but also match values from other keys (with very low priority though).

Another possibility would be a spatial awareness, i.e. prefer tags that are used close by.

Or... Save all tags that I ever type in myself (cumulated over all editing sessions), and select from this pool. This alone could also be a big improvement (especially if we filter out the name key, as that tends to be unique).

What I'm missing most right now is that Merkaartor seems to only do completion on downloaded tags, but not on my own edits in this session. As a first step, could these be dynamically added to the list of possible matches as I edit along?

#1595 Deleting ways outside the bounding box leaves empty nodes merkaartor enhancement Feb 15, 2009

When deleting long ways, that range outside the initially downloaded bounding box, the nodes of the way will remain in the database, since they might be shared with other ways, that were not downloaded outside the bounding box.

I'd suggest to either give a warning message, when deleting such ways or, better, try to download the regions outside the bounding box and check if it is safe to delete that node, as it is done with streets that are entirely inside the bounding box.

#1675 Restore name completion in tag editor merkaartor enhancement Mar 28, 2009

Would it be possible to restore autocompletion of the name tag in the tag editor, it appears to have been removed deliberately? in svn revision 12225 @ src/EditCompleterDelegate.cpp line 50

I found the name completion very useful as repeated or similar names are actually fairly common, for example many roads may need to be split for various tag changes like surface, highway etc, but still have the same name. Additionally at least in Sydney it is common for parks to be named something like "{Street Name} Reserve"

potlatch-dev@… (1 match)

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#3711 Error message is unclear if OSM server bandwidth is exceeded potlatch2 defect Apr 24, 2011

If the OSM server thinks that a user has downloaded "too much", then the error that Potlatch 2 displays is the vague: "Couldn't load the map".

It would be better if this error message was "Bandwidth exceeded. Could not load map data", so that is clear to the user what the problem actually is.

See: http://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/4762/potlatch-error-couldnt-load-the-map

ppawel@… (1 match)

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#4648 Transaction synchronization problem osmosis defect Oct 24, 2012

When running something like this:

osmosis -v 3 --read-xml-change ~/Downloads/999.osc --tee-change --write-changedb-change authFile=~/authFile --write-pgsql-change authFile=~/authFile

I get the exception below. The problem is that two transactions are open in the same thread and they should be committed in LIFO order, see:


The patch I attached simply reverses the order of calling complete on change tee sinks.

Oct 24, 2012 9:19:58 PM org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.Osmosis run INFO: Pipeline executing, waiting for completion. Oct 24, 2012 9:20:22 PM org.springframework.jdbc.core.JdbcTemplate? extractReturnedResults INFO: Added default SqlReturnResultSet? parameter named #result-set-1 Oct 24, 2012 9:20:22 PM org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.pipeline.common.ActiveTaskManager? waitForCompletion SEVERE: Thread for task 1-read-xml-change failed java.lang.IllegalStateException?: Cannot deactivate transaction synchronization - not active

at org.springframework.transaction.support.TransactionSynchronizationManager?.clearSynchronization(TransactionSynchronizationManager?.java:314) at org.springframework.transaction.support.TransactionSynchronizationManager?.clear(TransactionSynchronizationManager?.java:449) at org.springframework.transaction.support.AbstractPlatformTransactionManager?.cleanupAfterCompletion(AbstractPlatformTransactionManager?.java:1008) at org.springframework.transaction.support.AbstractPlatformTransactionManager?.processCommit(AbstractPlatformTransactionManager?.java:804) at org.springframework.transaction.support.AbstractPlatformTransactionManager?.commit(AbstractPlatformTransactionManager?.java:723) at org.openstreetmap.osmosis.changedb.common.DatabaseContext?.commitTransaction(DatabaseContext?.java:96) at org.openstreetmap.osmosis.changedb.v0_6.PostgreSqlChangeWriter?.complete(PostgreSqlChangeWriter?.java:96) at org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.tee.v0_6.ChangeTee?$ProxyChangeSinkChangeSource?.complete(ChangeTee?.java:151) at org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.tee.v0_6.ChangeTee?.complete(ChangeTee?.java:91) at org.openstreetmap.osmosis.xml.v0_6.XmlChangeReader?.run(XmlChangeReader?.java:111) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:722)

Oct 24, 2012 9:20:22 PM org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.Osmosis main SEVERE: Execution aborted. org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.OsmosisRuntimeException?: One or more tasks failed.

at org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.pipeline.common.Pipeline.waitForCompletion(Pipeline.java:146) at org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.Osmosis.run(Osmosis.java:92) at org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.Osmosis.main(Osmosis.java:37) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl?.invoke0(Native Method) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl?.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl?.java:57) at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl?.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl?.java:43) at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:601) at org.codehaus.plexus.classworlds.launcher.Launcher.launchStandard(Launcher.java:329) at org.codehaus.plexus.classworlds.launcher.Launcher.launch(Launcher.java:239) at org.codehaus.plexus.classworlds.launcher.Launcher.mainWithExitCode(Launcher.java:409) at org.codehaus.plexus.classworlds.launcher.Launcher.main(Launcher.java:352) at org.codehaus.classworlds.Launcher.main(Launcher.java:47)

rails-dev@… (4 matches)

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#3581 "users in your area" should be order by active users website Wishlist enhancement Mar 14, 2011

The feature of "users in your area" can be really usefull but the current implementation need some enhancements.

some enhancements can be to extend the radius as #436 or haev multiple radius as #437.

But what i think is easier and better is to order results by "active" users... or at least users that has already mapped something.

because in my area there is a lot of users but none has already edit the map.

we only need to change the :order close in the nearby method: http://git.openstreetmap.org/rails.git/blob/refs/heads/master:/app/models/user.rb#l117


#3895 suppress inactive users "near you" website enhancement Jul 7, 2011


on the user page (http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/<username>) there are users "in the neighborhood.

For me, more than two third of the given users did never map anything and half of the remaining did their last mapping more than a year ago.

Frankly speaking, in the current way this function is quite useless. Maybe the users around someone should filtered if they did map anything. Or better - use the definition of an "active mapper" in the contributor terms and show only "active mappers".

Greetings Christian

#3555 bad characters in tags make GPX-upload invalid website Wishlist enhancement Feb 28, 2011

Uploading a GPX-log with "bad" characters in the Tag field result in this error message:

Could not save track: an error
Please check following fields
*tags not valid

(translated from german)
After correcting the entry in the tag-field one has to upload the log anew.

Why can't the tags be checked before the upload starts?
Or why can the tags not be corrected without having to upload anew?

#3947 Download gpx api api Wishlist enhancement Aug 3, 2011

I put priority 'minor' (because it's true), but it's important to me, and it's so easy to do for you guys, so please consider it ;-)

I'd almost like the same thing than what's here (more a less) : http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/API_v0.6#GPS_Traces

1/ but in XAPI I don't want to log in just for retrieving gps traces.

2/ and I just need the IDs. For instance, here is what I have from your exemple with api v0.6 <trk> <name>20110625.gpx</name> <desc> support ride</desc> <url>api.openstreetmap.org/trace/1040543/view</url>

<trkpt lat="51.631283" lon="3.3e-05"> <time>2011-06-25T08:57:54Z</time> </trkpt>

<trkpt lat="51.631257" lon="9.6e-05"> <time>2011-06-25T08:57:55Z</time> </trkpt>

... ... </trk>

here is what I wish (more or less) ... I fact I don't need to overload your server with long resquest when I just need the ID. <trk> <name>20110625.gpx</name> <desc> support ride</desc> <url>api.openstreetmap.org/trace/1040543/view</url> </trk>

or even better <trk> <name>20110625.gpx</name> <desc> support ride</desc> <url>api.openstreetmap.org/trace/1040543/view</url> <id>1040543</id> </trk>

Why ? because I am developing a small tool for android named "Osm Mapper Helper", and I'd like to spot roads, streets already having good traces (not too old, with small point interval ). I'd like to filter traces younger than 12months, 18months, 24months.... why ? (again) because where I live (for the moment) every thing's changing quickly. Most of the atlas you buy are wrong !!! With an Id list, I can easily detect what's already available and what's new a bounding box.

Shaun McDonald (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#2063 Write test to verify that you cannot upload tags with ascii control chars api task Jul 14, 2009

You shouldn't be able to put ascii control characters into the OSM database, as it can break the diffs.


twain (1 match)

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#2452 Nominatim web API should give possibility to download all records in certain bbox nominatim enhancement Nov 14, 2009

Since Nominatim is official tool which generates info about which places are in which area, it should give functionality to use it as "where is the place" database (it deprecates is_in tags).

To give ability to use it in other applications, Nominatim should give possibility to download XML dump of all records placed in certain bbox.

Note: See TracReports for help on using and creating reports.