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Mapnik layer: disused=yes not honoured

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The mapnik layer renders some (maybe all) nodes and ways tagged with disused=yes normally. Essentially this bug is the Mapnik layer equivalent of #1079.

Examples: (node, pub) (way, canal)

Both examples are physically present in the landscape (the canal rather dubiously), and so should be present in the OSM data. However they're useless for their stated purpose, and should not appear in a rendered map intended for the general public on the site.

The quickest fix for this would be to not render such nodes or ways at all on the OSM website: leave their rendering to more specialised sites.

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(disused !='yes' or disused !='1' or disused !='true' or disused is null)

to all the select tags works, but its not a very prity solution

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Decided to render disused canals with own style. Still thinking about disused amenities

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comment:5 Changed 9 years ago by !i!

I would like to extend this suggestion in rendering disused=yes things with low opacity to make clear that they are out of order. Personaly I use disused=yes for abandoned buildings for example. Osmarender crosses the objects, but this might be depend on the interpretation, cause we don't have a reliable life cycle concept.

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I don't think disused=yes is a good tagging scheme: it will force disused=yes rules not only in openstreetmap-carto, but in all data consumers.

I would suggest mappers to use either amenity=disused, disused=pub, or amenity:disused=pub.

See also

As I don't think we should support this tagging scheme, I will close this issue as wontfix.

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