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XML access to the traces

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The new .../traces/ urls are awesome!

I REALLY like to have an xml based access within the API to them. They are much more usefull for drawing stuff than the .../trackpoint - api, since you see all the metadata (the comments, who made them etc) and most important: you see the tags! ;)

As example, the following URL's could be accessible via .../api/0.x/... (all requests return XML):

All URL's start with

Access URL Comment
GETuser list of all usernames that have public gpxses
GETuser/<name> list of all ids of public gpx files for this user
GETuser/<id> get the specific trace file (as raw file, not preparsed)
PUTuser/0? public track (have to specify the url format)
PUTuser/<id>?... update the track properties
GETtag list of all tags used so far
GETtag/<name> get all traces that have this tag

I think the way with the additional URL parameter to specify the metadata for GPX traces on upload is easier to implement than some cool XML embedding or even session-like stuff. But if something implements it, I am fine with this too ;-)


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comment:1 Changed 13 years ago by Immanuel Scholz

Component: adminapi
Summary: XML access to the traces APIXML access to the traces via Subversion

While I was thinking about this...

why not just use a subversion archive to store the GPX files from users? NO, really.. think about it...

  • hirarchical ordered
  • access can be maintained easily by the subversion's operating system. Readonly access as well as read-write
  • Any metadata can be handled by the subversion property system. Metadata to directories could be interpreted as "stand for all things containing in here"
  • There are many web frontends..
  • Nothing is lost, history is saved.
  • subversion is already coded. Libraries exist.

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by Immanuel Scholz

Summary: XML access to the traces via SubversionXML access to the traces

After discussing with Steve, the following pre/contra arrive from subversion vs. own api:

Subversion pro:

  • has cache "built in"
  • easy to implement simple stuff
  • meta-data is easy through subversion's property engine
  • libraries everywhere

Subversion contra:

  • no out of the house indexing services known to me. This requires home-made scripts.
  • access control would need file system access control. This mean one system user account for every OSM account. AND they need to be synced.
  • Users are tempt to download just everything, which will instantly kill the server.
  • The versioning feature is not that usefull for traces.

Regarding this, an own API would probably be better ;-)


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Component: apirails_port

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