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Tab should insert the currently-selected list value when editing tags

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While Tab advances the input focus in the tag editor, the value of any currently-selected list item is not inserted, which is not the behavior that I expect.

For example, if I want to insert the "oneway" tag, I type "one" in Tag Key, which — thanks to the "partial completion" feature of the list editor — selects "oneway" in the list. At this point, I submit that pressing Tab should insert "oneway" and advance input focus to Tag Value. However, the result is that only "one" is inserted.

Continuing along with this example, when I arrive at Tag Value and attempt to enter "yes" by just typing "y" and pressing Tab, I am left with "y" insted of "yes". The result is a tag of "one/y" instead of "oneway/yes", which makes this user quite frustrated.

Now, I am aware that Enter has the behavior that I desire for Tab, in that it advances input focus and causes the currently-selected list item to be inserted. In the aforementioned example, if I press Enter instead of Tab, typing only "one" results in "oneway" being inserted, and, after typing only "y", "yes" is inserted. However, my point here is that this behavior is desirable for Tab as well.

(As an aside, I would submit that the insert-and-advance behavior of Enter is actually not expected, in that Enter is typically insert-only [and does not advance]; Tab is for advancing, not Enter. However, I am more interested in seeing insert-and-advance added to Tab, and have no burning desire to see the advance feature of Enter removed.)

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comment:1 Changed 11 years ago by Richard is the background to the current behaviour. I don't expect tab to autocomplete in webapps - standard HTML form behaviour is that it moves from field to field, and for those few apps that do put autocomplete on top, I find it intensely annoying.

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by Vid the Kid

Enter typically advances (to the next row) in spreadsheet applications.

The problem with making Tab insert the auto-complete suggestion, is then what if you don't want the full suggested key or value, but just what you've typed? That's probably not a common situation in OSM, but it could happen. Anyway, if Tab had the same behavior as Enter, then the user who wants to only enter what they've typed would have to grab the mouse and click the next field manually. (How often do people literally mean "by hand" when they say "manually" anymore?)

...yes, "trivial" is a good choice of priority for this ticket.

comment:3 Changed 7 years ago by iandees

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