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Problem editing ways with Relations

Reported by: drlizau Owned by: Tom Hughes
Priority: major Milestone: OSM 0.6
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I'm trying to split ways with relations and striking errors. JOSM does not tell me what the error was but Potlatch does "An unusual error happened (in 'putrelation' 88033). The server said: Precondition failed: Cannot update relation 88033: data or member data is invalid."

Example way 31766321, which is an admin boundary and part of 2 mulitpolygons

Now, it is not simple. Some of these ways will split and some will not. One I tried to split in Potlatch which gave me an error was split when I downloaded again into JOSM. The way given above just hung Potlatch in upload and did not split.

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comment:1 Changed 11 years ago by drlizau

Next experiment : Merkaartor will allow me to split that way, provided I tell it to ignore the error condition. Checking the data shows that on one of the two ways created, one has its two memberships,

member of multipolygon "Oxley" member of mulitpolygon "Keri Keri"

and one has now dropped one membership

member of multipolygon "Keri Keri"

attempting to add this way to multipolygon "Oxley" fails "transfer aborted due to error condition"

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by Tom Hughes

Can you clarify exactly what you are complaining about? Are you suggesting that the server is wrong to reject these changes? or that one (or more) clients are generating invalid changesets? If it's the latter then which clients exactly?

comment:3 Changed 11 years ago by drlizau

With 3 different clients, I cannot edit a way with 2 relations. The attempt to save is rejected by the server. If it was one client, i would be concerned about the client, so I tried 3 available to me. reported also from Au tonight

I'm working on 2 relations like this on KI that sound like they are having the same kind of issue. ANY edit of any form to the relation would cause an error - EXCEPT deleting I eventually tried on one of them. So I've just kept a copy of all the details about the relation, deleted the old one and created an identical one that matched the original, THEN I could edit the new one without any trouble.

comment:4 Changed 9 years ago by Tom Hughes

Resolution: fixed
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This sounds like a duplicate of #1736 in that the error message lacks details. That is now solved and the messages should provide enough detail to properly diagnose and fix the underlying problem.

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