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potlatch ignores keyboard commands

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Component: potlatch (flash editor) Version: 1.0
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<pgf> RichardF_: i should mention an odd behavior i had with potlatch this morning:
<pgf> RichardF_: after editing last night, and having the server refuse my updates, my changeset eventually timed out.

[ this was due to #1904, btw. ]

<pgf> RichardF_: after that happened, potlatch seemed to refuse to honor keystrokes.
<pgf> i could commence an edit (e.g., start a new way) but not cancel it with ESC.
<pgf> nor could i delete points with Delete.
<pgf> i could however do all the usual things with the mouse.
<pgf> again, this is really just fyi...

i had been working in "Save" mode at the time, and my upload had been refused repeatedly. i also tried Saving again after the changeset timed out. not sure at exactly what point the described behavior started.

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comment:1 Changed 11 years ago by raffourtit@…

Potlatch Started ignoring key commands during undelete actions.

using: Windows XP Home SP3, Firefox 3.5.2, Flash 10,0,22,87, Potlatch 1.2

I suspect it is some Ctrl + <key> action that triggers this.

comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by NE2

Every time I've had this happen, it's been after one or more internal dialog boxes such as "you are zoomed out really far; would you like to zoom in?" and "this way has a conflict; would you like to download or overwrite?". It seems to happen eventually if enough of these pop up, but the number is highly variable.

comment:3 Changed 10 years ago by Richard

Yes, it is indeed something to do with the internal dialogue boxes.

Potlatch basically needs to know where to direct keypresses. If a dialogue box is open, it won't send keypresses through to the main editor, for obvious reasons (you don't want to be typing 'g' in a textfield and have the GPS tracks load, or something). It does this by counting the number of dialogues on screen (line 694 of and only acting on keypresses if there are none.

Unfortunately it seems to sometimes think there are dialogues on screen when there aren't. I haven't figured out why yet. As ever, steps to reproduce would be hugely useful.

comment:4 Changed 7 years ago by iandees

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