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Maplint should optionaly mark up 'tagged' nodes and ways that don't have a source field.

Reported by: ShakespeareFan00 Owned by: Jochen Topf
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In checking some areas, I found some data that for whatever reason did not have a source tag.

Would it be possible to extend Maplint so that 'tagged' ways and nodes without a source tag could be marked in some way?

This would help (in my opinion) i) improve the transparency of OSM data, as sources could be added (even if it's contributor OR by physically confirming the node/way concerned) ii) Help to get data checked, because the un-sourced items would be reviewed either in reference to published sources or on the ground?

As part of this I would also like to suggest some kind of "reviewed=" tag that could be added to nodes, which would show a node or way had been looked at by more than one indvidual.

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I don't think this would be very useful as most mappers don't bother to repeatedly add source to everything they add.

Also, I suspect you are talking about the maplint layer rendered by t@h (maplint can also be run separately, you'll be amazed how much more it tells you then), and it's not easy to add optional stuff there, that'd have to be a separate layer with a separate test collection or stylesheet or something. Would be ugly and resource more resources than it's worth.

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by ShakespeareFan00

Indeed - I was initally tlaking about the t@h layer.

Your comments taken on board, also on the IRC channel it was pointed out that this idead would lead to a noisy sea if rendered, not the intention.

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