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[placenames] Place nodes and polygons rendered differently

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Names of places should be rendered using the same visual style disregarding being tagged on a node or a polygon.

Example region:[[BR]] Node Staighaus:[[BR]] Polygon Hünlishofen:[[BR]] Both objects are tagged as place=hamlet and name=*. There are no other tags.

Current rendering: Hünlishofen is rendered in a small black font. Staighaus is rendered using a bigger gray font.
Expected rendering: Using the same font type for both objects. I propose the bigger gray font since it's more similar to village or town name rendering.

The description above applies to zoom levels 16 and higher.
Zoom=15: Both objects are rendered with black font.
Zoom=14: Staighaus is rendered in black, Hünlishofen isn't rendered (enough space is available).
Zoom=13 or smaller: No object is rendered (equals expected rendering for this zoom levels)

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This issue affects me too. I've faced this issue when tried to draw a local place (which is a toponym with a clear boundary, but not any administrative unit).

The issue was that there's a trade-off between accuracy and visibility: 1) a node is rendered in big font at scale >=13, which is wide enough. 2) a polygon is precise, but its title is rendered in small font and only from scale 15.

Toponyms are used by locals, but a non-local won't find it by himself. The map is supposed for finding, not for locals to admire their places, right?

Right now I can put nodes for the toponyms and forget this, but it's better to draw boundaries, so that if 2 places are near and confused, it were clear when looking at the map.

comment:4 Changed 10 years ago by siberiano

to be clear: a polygon with tag place IMO should be drawn as a node is drawn now, in big font and up to scale 13.

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Also reported in #3705

comment:6 Changed 7 years ago by drnoble

This also appear to affect place=isolated_dweling, which is rendered on nodes, but not areas.

Expected outcome, both would be rendered (and be the same) whether a node or area is used.

Current situation: Rendered as node example: Not rendered on areas example:

see also - request to render place=isolated_dweling

This part is not a big issue, but would be great if someone were able to fix it.

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Summary: Place nodes and polygons rendered differently[placenames] Place nodes and polygons rendered differently

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This is now also being discussed on Github:

Therefore, I will close the issue here.

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