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name=zzzz with operator=AAAAA

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some amenities is recomended to tag with operator=operator_of_chain and name=name_of_office

but renderer for now do not render more impotant operator=* but renders less important name=*

relating 'do not map for renderer' when amenity is tagged as recomended there will no need to retag when osm database will be used by minors to find name_of_office and by most people to find operator_of_chain for example in routing programms

please, check if operator value is set when rendering name, and draw operator instead of name when it is set

there is a simillar ticket 2228 for mapnik

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I'm actually not sure if that makes sense to render. On the map I want to see name="Sparkasse Eisingen". Having operator="Sparkasse Mainfranken" is nice if I want to create a map of all their branch offices. Or if I want to search with nominatim "where is the closest branch of Sparkasse". But that is not what the slippy map (either rendered by mapnik or osmarender) is about.

Furthermore there are many objects where we really HAVE TO render name instead of operator. For example highways which are tagged with the name of the agency responsible for maintainence (which is nice to have) in the operator field. For those we have to render the name="whatever highway" otherwise we make navigation / route planing with the slippy map impossible.

Creating and maintaining a list of tags where operator should override name and where it shouldn't seems unreasonable time consuming.

Therefore I wont fix this. If you feel otherwise (and want to append the tiket to the low-priority end of my todo list) please reopen this tiket.

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