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Option to convert interpolated addresses into a series of nodes.

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"Note: Some mappers use the "addr:street" tag on interpolation ways and leave it off the individual nodes. While of course everyone can tag what they like, this is not recommended by the inventors of the Karlsruhe Schema. The reason for this is that interpolation ways are supposed to be a temporary construct; we expect that once all individual houses have been mapped, the interpolation way can be simply removed without loss of information. They are not meant to stay."

Given this, it would be handy to have an option that could replace the interpolation line between house number nodes with all the individual house number nodes in between i.e. given a starting number 1 and end number 10, new house number nodes 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 would be created at points along a line between nodes 1 and 10. The user then need only move the nodes into the correct position, based on the satellite imagery.

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