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Protect members (and members of members) of a relation against moving and deletion.

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Please add a prompt if one tries to move or delete members of a relation, just as Potlatch does for tagged nodes. This applies also to points, which are no member of the relation, but are a member of a way, that is member of the relation.

Many streets include points, that are members of a relation i.e. restriction-relation, bus-route-relation and many more. A user who does not know relations, moves or deletes that "useless" points without being aware, that he damages or destroys the relation.

But there are possible accidents happening to users, who know relations very well: If a user moves a point i.e in a street, Potlatch does not show him, that a relation is involved, if the point is member of a way, which is member of a relation. If the moved point is the beginning point of the relation, then moving this point will move the beginning of the relation without any possibility to notice this in Potlatch. That means, that this also happens to users, who know relations very well. Thus points, if they are are member of a way, that is member of a relation, have to be protected against deleting and moving as well. Possibly Potlatch can find out, which are the endpoints of a way, which is member of the relation, Then it would be sufficient, only to protect this two points against moving and deleting. But a point, that is itself member of a relation is still protected.

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Next version of Potlatch will have a prompt if you delete a way where one of the nodes is in a relation - just as it does if you delete a way where one of the nodes is tagged.

I don't think it's appropriate to nanny users any more than that (e.g. moving or deleting individual nodes). If you feel that there's a problem with users not understanding relations, the correct response is to write some decent documentation and educate them. We suck at documentation. :(

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