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Accept German street names without space

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In Germany it is common to write a street name either as one word or two, for example


Berliner Strasse

are equally acceptable, and both forms are seen on street signs. (There is also the question of SS or sharp-S, but Nominatim already handles that.)

Currently, it appears that Nominatim won't match a name if the space is removed, for example 'berlinerstrasse, leipzig' finds no results while 'berliner strasse, leipzig' does.

I think in the German language there are subtle rules about when street names can be written as one word or two, and not every street name has variants in this way. But Nominatim doesn't need to know about that, it just needs to try various combinations of removing spaces in the search string or the tagged name when matching.

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Actually, in most cases there *is* one official spelling. The general rule is: If the first part of the name is an adjective, you put a space (Berliner Str, Breite Str. ...), otherwise no space, or a hyphen (Hauptstr., Dorfstr., Lessingstr., Willi-Brandt-Str.). There are exceptions of course.

Still, it would be nice if nominatim were a bit more flexible. It might make sense to put the exact matches first; there might even be cities with both a "Bonner Str." and a "Bonnerstr." (though I hope this is rare).

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I defer to your greater knowledge about the German language. However, not everybody who lives in German-speaking countries is aware of the rule, so it is possible to see the same address written with the space or without it.

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Either way it was fixed some time ago

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Thanks for fixing this - it's been a while since I visited Germany so I hadn't noticed!

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