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OSM Server Side Script: sketch_line and sketch_route produce erratic output

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sketch_line (sketch_route is also affected) often produces erratic graphics. I have observed two issues:

  1. apparently, if one of the stop members of the relation is an area tagged as amenity=bus_station, it is omitted completely. For example:

consisting of relations:

The first stop (Bonola) is tagged as described above and missing from the sketch. This seems incorrect to me as, to my knowledge, bus_station is the tag to be used for a larger bus terminal where multiple lines stop at dedicated platforms.

  1. Trolleybus lines (route=trolleybus) are not rendered at all - attempting to sketch them results in "No relation found".

To reproduce:


  1. in some cases incorrect stop names are displayed - names are mixed up or the same stop name is displayed multiple times. The graph itself seems correct (though I have not verified this in too much detail).

Mild example:


Here just one stop name is wrong: the 11th (from Roserio) is displayed as "Duomo" when in fact it should be "Piazzale Accursio". (Duomo is the last stop.) Stops at which only one direction stops seem to be particular prone to this error (though it happens to all).

A more extreme one would be:


This one is botched beyond recognition and usability: names are either missing completely, or the same name is repeated over and over multiple times.

And finally:

two alternative routes, resulting in a total of four relations:

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I have never heard of those scripts, and that IP address does not belong to any OSM server so this is nothing to do with us. You need to report your problems to whoever wrote and maintains those scripts.

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