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[roads] raceways not rendered if way is closed

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Mapnik does not render raceway=highway when the way is closed (as most raceways are). See example here

The southern (in RL existing) raceway I split into two parts "for the renderer" which results in a rendered raceway. As I mentioned "my" racecourse at #osm-dev it was considered a single singularity. Today I stumbled over this post and decided to have a second look. I cloned the racecourse, closed the way - and Mapnik doesn't render it. The highway=residentials I drew for comparison purposes.

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The sport=motor tag causes this behaviour. Sport=* would usually be set on an area, and osm2pgsql's thus has it set as 'polygon'. Meaning that any object that has sport=* applied to it, and can form a proper area (closed ring), will be made into a polygon in mapnik's database. No matter which other tags (highway=* in this case) are also present. Polygon wins over linear.

The current solution is to use area=no to say that this is not an area dedicated to motoring sports, but a track. I'm also working on a solution that does not require area=no.

comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by Ldp

While I do have a working solution for this particular case, I also notice #2725.

We now have two different concepts:

1) closed way that itself is the track (this ticket)
2) closed way (or multipolygon) that is the track outline (#2725)

Both of these tracks are the same type according to the stylesheet, so I have to choose a single way to handle them. If I choose to fill the area, your example (1) would render with a solid fill, like (2) needs to be. If I choose to render the outline of your closed way (1) as a raceway, the other one (2) would render as a raceway line on every ring.

Even if I would keep them apart based on osm_id (positive for (1), negative for (2)), it would still break down for cases of (2) that are meant to describe the outline but are just a single way, not a relation.

Tough one.

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Summary: raceways not rendered if way is closed[roads] raceways not rendered if way is closed

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This has been resolved in the meanwhile.

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