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Unclassified and residential should render differently

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Given the definition and the named difference between unclassified and residential at they should be rendered differently.

"residential - street or road generally used only by people that live on that road or roads that branch off it."

"unclassified - a road that has no administrative classification ref=*. Unclassified roads typically form the lowest form of the interconnecting grid network."

From this definition unclassified highways are leading into, out of and through villages, same as tertiary but aren't classified (ref=*).

This is no issue in countries where these highways are typically classified. E.g. in my home country Germany

But it's an issue in countries where villages are to a greater extent interconnected with unclassified roads. E.g. in Thailand where I'm mapping now

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comment:1 Changed 10 years ago by Ldp

That wiki entry was recently (May 12) changed to mention the absence of ref=* as a defining characteristic of highway=unclassified. It never referred to it before. However, current practice in many countries has also never taken the ref=* into account, instead determining tertiary/unclassified based on importance.

Besides, why *should* it be rendered differently? Both unclassified and residential are at the bottom of the chain for regular roads. How would it have to look then, according to you?

comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by Willi2006

Thanks for the fast response. That's amazing and great.

Yes, they are both at the bottom of the chain. But I see there's quite a difference in their role. When tagging unclassified the mapper is saying: When you want go from one village to another you should take this road, i.e. interconnecting villages as tertiary. Tagging residential is saying: you should take this road only when you move within the village. In addition together the residentials of a village represent information like location, size, center. When rendered differently human can spot this easily.

My proposal is to render unclassified in the same style as tertiary. Tertiary carries in addition a number. Or may be the color for unclassified can be a bit lighter than for tertiary.

comment:3 Changed 10 years ago by Ldp

Tertiary doesn't have to have a ref. Not every country takes adding refs to the same level. :)

Also, within a place, there certainly can be unclassified roads, that are not through roads. Just think of roads on an industrial estate. Those should certainly not be rendered the same as tertiary?

comment:4 Changed 6 years ago by math1985

Resolution: wontfix
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I don't see a clear reason why residential and unclassified should be rendered differently.

I will close this issue as "won't fix". To anyone who has compelling reasons to render them differently, feel free to re-open the issue on Github:

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