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When viewing "My Tracks" up and down arrows affect the window behind

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To reproduce: Open Potlatch2 Select "My Tracks" from the top left Attempt to scroll down (or up) the list with the arrow keys

Nothing obvious seems to happen, but in fact the (smudged-out) map behind is moving. When the "My Tracks" box is closed, you're somewhere that you don't expect to be.

If the arrow keys are supposed to move the map behind then it presumably shouldn't be smudged-out? Also some kind of clue about what the arrow keys do here would be useful. If they're not, how about making them just, er, scroll up and down the list in the foreground?

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comment:1 Changed 8 years ago by stevage

Confirmed. Two issues here:

  1. Arrow keys continue to move the background even when this dialogue (and perhaps others?) are selected
  2. In order to get up/down arrow key to move the selected item, you need to first click an item. (That is, up/down does work fine - it also moves the background though.)

comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by Richard

how about making them just, er, scroll

Nothing involving Flex is ever a matter of "just" ;)

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