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Can only see first 7 backgrounds in drop-down list

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When I click the Background drop-down list, I can see only 7 options (None, Yahoo, Bing, OSM - {Mapnik,Osmarender,OpenCycleMap?,MapQuest?}). Yet there are many more defined when clicking the Edit... button. There is no scrollbar. If I assign shortcut keys to other backgrounds, I can select them.

I assume this doesn't affect everyone. (I didn't even realise there were more backgrounds available until someone mentioned the OS sources.)

I'm using XP, and I get it on Firefox, Opera, Chrome... Flash version is 10,1,103,20.

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Read the source!

Background imagery can be bbox-specific. For example, the Ordnance Survey tilesets are defined within <set minlat="49.8" minlon="-9" maxlat="61.1" maxlon="1.9"> elements. The Haiti tilesets are defined within <set minlat="17.95" minlon="-74.5" maxlat="20.12" maxlon="-71.58">. And so on.

Imagery that is not available for your current viewport therefore won't show up. This is entirely intentional.

comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by stevage

Sheesh. Thanks for the explanation. Now, making the wild assumption that I'm not the most clueless user who will ever use Potlatch, would you agree that this is not entirely intuitive? Could we make this ticket an enhancement to differentiate currently-out-of-scope imageries in the Background Imagery dialog?

comment:3 Changed 10 years ago by Richard

It's not a real-world problem that really affects anyone, to be honest. 95% of OSM mappers only map within their vicinity. If, say, they decide to help out in Haiti, they start editing there and bam, it does what it should. So P2's current behaviour is ideally DWIMmy for the 95% - just as it should be. (The remaining 5% are, truth be told, largely dyed-in-the-wool JOSM users anyway. :) )

If you'd like to file this as a minor minor minor minor enhancement then go for it. But about the only way I can imagine the UI working is to have a new column, 'Worldwide?', within the table view; this would contain a checkbox which, when unchecked, brought up a new dialogue prompting the user for a bbox. Anyone who fancies writing all the Flex data provider and bindings stuff for this is a better man than I am, Gunga Din...

There's also the issue that the BackgroundDialog? code is currently used for both tilesets and for stylesheets. Any refactoring would need to make sure that the stylesheet code still worked, ideally without resorting to copying-and-pasting it into a new mxml file.

In due course we need a new architecture for managing and editing collections like these and the vector background layers, perhaps associated with an eventual move to FP10 and the ability to load files from the local drive, and perhaps with the ability to talk to the OSM preferences API. It's distantly on the radar, though personally for me the next priority is to try and speed up some of the slower UI, especially the TagPanel? stuff.

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