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Right-to-left writing direction letters are not concatenated

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How to reproduce: Enter a name on a node or way feature using a language with right-to-left writing direction (arabic, hebrew, farsi,...) like "فرسی".

Result: Rendering shows each letter seperately, like "ف ر س ی" (exagerrated dispay in here)

Expected result: right-to-left letters should concatenate.

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comment:1 Changed 9 years ago by Richard

This is a known issue that is basically a Flash limitation. We will eventually be able to fix it but this will require targeting Flash Player 10 (we currently target FP9), building with Flex 4 (we use 3.5 currently), and rewriting much of the UI to use the latest Adobe framework (Spark). It's on the radar (see potlatch-dev mailing list passim) but not going to happen overnight, I'm afraid.

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