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Lack of support for waypoints in GPX files

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Potlatch2 does display waypoints in GPX files when editing, but makes it extremely difficult to do anything useful with them.

Take for example this simple GPX:

You can see what name it is, but can't see any other attributes. If you click on it, nothing happens (in Potlatch 1 you could view all the attributes before the waypoint had been made into a node).

In order to view the attributes, you have to left-alt-click on it. Now you can see what it's supposed to be (in this case FWIW a change of speed limit) and can edit accordingly.

However, when you come to save, "an unexpected error occurred, probably due to a bug in Potlatch2". You're given the option to retry, but the same error reoccurs. The error occurs because alt-left-clicking on the waypoint converts it to a node, and the Garmin "extensions" tag is way more than 255 characters. When Potlatch1 converted waypoints to nodes it didn't have this problem; maybe it stripped out these extra-large tag values? Note that the "unexpected error" doesn't say which node had the problem, so if you've done editing involving more than one waypoint finding the problem one is extremely tedious. In order to prevent the "save" error you can delete "reference" waypoints after converting them to nodes, but this means that you can't see the reference information, so you have to save, commit, reopen the GPX again, taking much longer than in Potlatch 1.

Another issue is that, unlike with Potlatch 1, it isn't possible to draw a way through a waypoint just by clicking on it (even alt-left-click doesn't work for some reason). You have to click somewhere else to stop drawing the way, alt-left-click on the waypoint to turn it into a node, then then start drawing the way again.

Another issue is the one mentioned in - it isn't possible to alt-left-click on a waypoint underneath an existing feature, and if you've used waypoints to mark features to say perhaps "add xyz tag" that's going to happen lots of the time.

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Actually, since this was logged there have been changes so that you CAN see waypoint information.

In P2, select Background / Vector File and tick the box under "select" corresponding to the GPX track file.

Now you can click on a waypoint (without alt-clicking on it to making it a node). You can't draw a way through it (I'll log a separate trac for that) or move it around without alt-clicking on it, but you can see tag values.

The "unexpected error" problem doesn't happen any more since long tags are trimmed before save

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