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Supply common dialogs when handling common objects

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With the current Potlatch2 versions (up to 2.2-18-g514f0d2), whenever an "internally unsupported" object (or key or tag or value, please apologize my ignorance) subtype is set (e.g. building=school instead of arbitrary building=yes), the otherwise excellent tag editor at the left side suddenly mutes into "Not recognized / unknown" information. There are a lot of tag types, where this can happen (and they will probably come drafted and approved faster, than Potlatch2 might be adding exact support for them) and it is impossible to use the dialog's comfort editing possibilities, if someone does know the advanced' texts by heart.

One workaround would be to temporarily change the value to e.g. building=yes, edit all additional attributes (address, name, etc.) and change back the value to the example building=school. Which is a) not obvious for novices under a few weeks of usage, b) not straightforward and comfortable, c) not compatible with newly coming definition at all.

In such case, the upper dialog selector might instead change just to "Arbitrary building type" or "Unknown building type" or "Unknown road/track/etc type", but still supply all slelectors and tabs, which are commonly available for all known (to Potlatch2) building/highway/waterway/landuse/etc. types.

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comment:1 Changed 9 years ago by stevage

A couple of comments: 1) For this specific case, we should use wildcards so that *any* "building=*" gets matched. We already support this.

2) The whole way buildings and various amenities, facilities etc are conflated in Potlatch is a bit broken.

3) There is probably a broader issue regarding how to handle objects that are partially matched, but if we address 1) and 2), it may become much less important.

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