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In Potlatch 2, when you try and draw a way though a GPX file waypoint the waypoint isn't used.

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Although (see comment on trac 3669) you can now change GPX tracks to be selectable, which allows you to click on waypoints to see tag details without alt-clicking on them (which would make them into nodes), you can't draw a way through waypoints in the same way as you could in P1.

To reproduce, edit this track: in P2.

Wait for the waypoints to load. Zoom in on a waypoint such as DTR053107

Select background / vector file / tr1789a.gpx / tick select / close

Note that you can now click on DTR053107. In simple view, it'll show as "not recognised" at left; so click advanced.

Now we can see the symbol, comment and description, etc.

Next, try and draw a way through it. Note that when drawing the way the waypoint isn't treated as something that you can join a way to, so a new node (not including any information from DTR053107) is created instead.

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comment:1 Changed 9 years ago by Richard

In other words - Alt-click in DrawWay?.as needs to have similar behaviour to other controller states, but appending the pulled-through node to the current way.

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