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In Potlatch 2, can a way be found to optionally enable drag when an item is selected without having to click, unclick, click again, and then drag?

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This used to work, but was disabled as a direct result of trac 3562. Unfortunately the feedback the user gets is a bit confusing:

1) When they initially select the POI the item is highlighted in yellow. They can't move it with the mouse

2) When they unclick the item stays selected.

3) When they click again the item looks exactly the same as it did in (1) but now they can move it around!

I can understand the reason why trac 3562 was opened and the code changed the way that it was, but could a way be found to allow the rest of us to move items around without having to go through the click, unclick, click process every time? Maybe only force the click, unclick, click process if in simple rather than advanced mode?

See also trac 3935.

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comment:1 Changed 9 years ago by Richard

Just as a matter of record: there is no 'simple mode' or 'advanced mode'. There are basic and advanced views of the tags, but that's it. No other aspect of UI is affected or should be affected. I'm sure there's stuff we can do here (maybe involving a click-and-hold delay) but it won't be anything to do with simple/advanced. :)

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