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P2 'simple view' not show tags for node features in T-junctions

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I noticed a problem while trying to select this node in P2 : barrier=bollard is a recognised preset. After selecting the node I would expect the simple view to show 'bollard' in the drop-down, but it doesn't. I'm seeing an empty drop-down, as if it is an unrecognised tagging.

But by experimentation I seem to be seeing the same problem for any node feature tags whenever they're set on a node in the middle of junction of ways

So the bollard tag is recognised and displayed correctly in simple view if the node is free floating, or in the middle of one way, or on the end of one way. It's only a problem when the tag is set in the middle of a junction ...but it happens for any other tag actually. So if I set a supermarket in the middle of junction it also doesn't pick it up in simple view.

It doesn't crop up much and doesn't completely hamper anyone's ability to map (they can see the tag in advanced view fine) hence 'minor' I guess

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It's a limitation of the way turn restrictions are implemented: a turn restriction (or if you prefer, a junction node) is a type of entity, rather than being an inputset. So once the junction node has matched, there is no more matching: it can't also be a bollard.

This is a specific case of the general problem with feature matching being exclusive. There are a few solutions, none particularly simple:

  1. Show multiple simple editors
  2. Show one, combined simple editor (conceptually easy in this case, not always so).
  3. Show a simple editor and an advanced editor.


Specific cases like this one actually could be worked around, by creating hybrid "bollard with turn restriction" features, and making sure they get matched before either bollard or plain turn restriction. Probably not worth it yet.

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