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Potlatch2 doesn't save new multipolygon relation

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After logging #4371 I did a "save" and then a "close changeset", and the newly created multipolygon relation was not saved.

Trying to reproduce: Click on way 56384577 (and click on the number, and more details to be able to copy the number to this bug, and then cancel) Click Add To Click New Relation Click the drop menu to the right of unknown, advanced, multipolygon The "basic" tab has nothing on it (why is it even there?) The "details" tab has "designation" and "source", neither of which are useful to me.

I'd like to be able to copy details from the outer way here, but that's a different issue.

I'll therefore scroll down to get to the hidden menu at the bottom (why is it hidden?) and select advanced, and add the tags that I want.

I'll then click members, and type "outer" in the role column. As I do this, there are now two relations under the way in the background - "multipolygon -1/0 " and "multipolygon "-1/1 outer".

I'll hit the close X on the "edit relation box".

Next I'll select the "multipolygon -1/0 " and select "remove from", as I don't want my way in the relation twice, just once.

I then click save - the resulting changeset is 11382800. The way is marked as changed (although it wasn't) and there's no new relation created.

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comment:1 Changed 8 years ago by SomeoneElse

After trying a couple of variants of the above procedure, I managed to persuade it to save a relation (changeset 11383115). What worked as NOT selecting "multipolygon" through the clicky pointy interface but instead adding "type=multipolygon" via "advanced".

For info, I'm trying to create the multipolygon as per:

One other note, on that page:

shows P1 rather than P2.

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