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Arrow keys change tags when moving map

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In certain circumstances moving with the arrow keys changes tags. This was reported in ticket 3700 but this was closed as non-reproducible.

I get the error in very specific circumstances, usually with ways. Scenario: modify tags in a way using the 'r' key, then immediately push an arrow key. The highway tag will change as if the arrow key was used on the menu (e.g. if you had a minor road and you push arrow right, you get a residential road). Strangely enough it does not happen in the very beginning of a session. I strongly suspect the behaviour occurs only if the menu in question has been used in the session. I just tried the following: -open Potlatch 2 -click on an existing highway=residential -create new way, apply 'r' and arrow left (no change) -change highway tag using the menu to highway=unclassified -create another new way and apply 'r' making it also highway=unclassified -push arrow up. The new road now has highway=secondary.

The bug also affects nodes (but I have no systematic knowledge of that) and also occurs if you push an arrow key directly after cutting up a way with 'x'.

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