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gps traces corrupted in thumbnail and download, but fine in editor (potlatch)

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Yesterday I uploaded two gps traces (1289236 and 1289148) with 421 and 237 points.

They uploaded fine, but if I try to download them back I get a gpx with two points, and the generated thumbnail for the traces is also a line between two points. In potlatch, though, the trace will load fine (trace shown is 1289236).

I uploaded the traces as private, but have made them identifiable to easy the bug hunt.

Notice that both traces have the same trace thumbnail, but I am positive that they should be different traces (and so the point count seem to indicate too).

There are problems with 1286624 and 1286535 also. The downloads are different (and perhaps valid, but probably not), but the thumbnails are identical.

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I agree that the thumbnails look wrong, but the downloads of the traces look fine to me, which is what I would expect as it is just returning the original file.

When you say "download them back" are you actually talking about downloading GPS data in that area with the tracepoints call rather than downloading the raw trace?

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Sorry to have wasted your time.

It looks like the gpx is somehow corrupted which makes all software display the second last point as a point with lat and lon 0.0. I cannot find this point in the gpx, and can't see any obvious syntax errors at the end of the file, but I'm no gpx expert either.

Anyway, the thumbnail is the way it is because of the point, and they look identical because they cover the same area and both have this line to lat/lon 0.0. The download is as it should be, it just looks like there are only two points in it when you open it in JOSM and don't zoom in.

So all is good on OSM's side, but something is wrong with GPS Logger or the combination of GPS Logger and GPS that I have on my phone.

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