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When editing not from a GPS trace, show all GPS traces by default

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One recurring problem that new (and sometimes not so new) mappers face is that they think that the default imagery is "correct" (i.e. perfectly aligned). In reality of course, nothing is (and one GPS trace on its own is likely to be more in error than well-aligned imagery is).

Is there some way that this problem can be presented to mappers in such a way as to not confuse the hell out of them? Tricky, I know...

One possibility might be to have the "show all GPS traces" selection default to ON if the user isn't working with their own trace. Pressing the button would have the same effect as now (it would toggle the setting) so that they can still see "just imagery" if they wish.

The benefits would be most felt where there are good traces but less-good imagery, typically outside of cities - typicially the areas that needs most work.

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comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by colin.smale@…

It would be great if the GPS traces could be limited to the last X months as well. This would be especially beneficial where roads etc have been realigned. Sometimes you get millions of traces and you can't see the difference between a new trace with an offset north of 10m and an old trace with an offset south of 10m (for example). Only displaying "recent" traces would put the recent traces clearly in the majority allow you to estimate the desired track better in line with the current situation.

comment:2 Changed 7 years ago by Richard

Really anything beginner-focused (like this) is out of scope for Potlatch 2 now; there's very little return on spending time on it when iD will likely be the default editor in a couple of months' time. I won't close this ticket in case someone else wants to work on it (though bear in mind that I intend to move away from trac as the P2 bugtracker once iD becomes the default editor).

comment:3 Changed 7 years ago by Rogerc

Even better if there was a scale, so we could reasonably estimate 10m north or 10m south.

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