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Russian "е" and "ё" in names

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In Russian language there is letter "ё" and in't upper case variant "Ё". It is U+0401 U+0451, do not mix it with latin "ë" and "Ë" More about this letter you can see here:

The main issue of this letter, is that it is optional, and any one can use "е" and "E" instead of "ё" and "Ё", especially in search request. And this request would be syntactically correct.

So way with name "Щёлковское шоссе" should be surely found both by search request "Щёлковское шоссе" and "Щелковское шоссе"

And bus station with name "Щелковское шоссе" should be found by "Щелковское шоссе" for sure and for "Щёлковское шоссе" as may be. (As there are a lot of words where "ё" can't be used instead of "е", but in all cases "е" can be used instead of "ё")

It would be good to implement it right in the search engine level, so nobody will need to assign all possible combinations of sorting names with "ё" and without it...

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comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by Sarah Hoffmann

This can be easily done in the transliteration part, however, any changes to that part of the code require a complete reimport of the DB. Not sure when this will happen again.

comment:2 Changed 8 months ago by Vascom

Cc: Vascom added

Please pay more attention to solving this problem. It is important to all russian-speaking people.

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