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render highway=track tracktype=grade1 like highway=service but with brown casings

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please render tracktype=grade1 highways like highway=service but with brown casings.

Rationale: Almost all tracks of this type are paved (asphalt, conrecte or other paving), they are used recreationally most of the time and are physically no different from highway=service. The brown casing will still make it possile to differentiate a paved track from paved service type ways.

Using "grade1" just for paved tracks is a strong recommendation in the wiki, so it's best to only fallback to all-brown rendering, if a "grade1" track has a surface tag indicating it's not paved, i.e. waterbound. So, to give an overview of this wishlist

  • highway=track AND tracktype=grade1 should render like highway=service, but with brown casings
  • highway=track AND tracktype=grade1 AND surface=unpaved/sand/mud/ground/etc. should render like the current style
  • highway=track AND tracktype=grade{2,3,4,5} should also render like the current style (no change)

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The "mapnik" component in trac is for the old XML-based openstreetmap.xml stylesheets which are not deployed on Since June the default style on has been openstreetmap-carto, which has its own issue tracker at

I'm going to go ahead and close this issue as wontfix to avoid people being confused by it and commenting on it instead of somewhere where it will effect the rendering on Closing it doesn't mean the issue won't be fixed in openstreetmap-carto, just that this ticket is against old unmaintained software that has been replaced and this ticket has zero chance of being resolved.

There are a number of tickets against openstreetmap-carto, including one that redoes the dashes:

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