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Simple mode still uses deprecated power=* tags

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When you go edit power-related things in Simple mode, the tags it adds to certain nodes and ways are ones that have been deprecated.

  • When you select "Substation," it adds the tag power=station to the selected node or way. However, the wiki page for power=station says that tag has been deprecated since January 2013. Change this so that the tag power=substation (not power=sub_station, as that tag has been recently deprecated and replaced with power=substation) is added instead when one selects "Substation" from the menu. You can also add tags that denote the type of substation, be it a transmission substation, distribution substation, or converter substation (from AC to DC and vice versa). See the wiki page for power=substation for more info.
  • When you are editing a power=generator node/way in Simple mode there is a pull-down menu where you can select the power source. This uses the tag power_source=*, which also appears to be deprecated because its wiki page redirects to the page for the generator:source=* tag. There is also a new generator:method=* tag, a generator:output=* tag, and a generator:type=*. Please add these tags to the simple mode.

There are a few other things that, when selected, add the wrong tags to the selected way or node:

  • Selecting Transformer from the menu adds the power=sub_station tag to the selected way/node. First of all, substations don't always have transformers in them, so this is the wrong tag to be adding. Anyway, there is a new tag specifically for transformers, which is power=transformer, so please change this. Also, a transformer is best mapped as a node rather than a way, so maybe make it so that this option is only available when a node is selected.
  • The Power Plant (Station) option adds the tag power=generator. There is now a tag called power=plant that can be used to map the power plant as a whole. Many plants contain multiple generators; these are best mapped as a node, so make it so you can add the power=generator tag only to nodes.

I know this is a lot of things to change, but I would really appreciate it if you did change these things so that new users will stop using deprecated tags.

Thanks in advance, Compdude

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